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Evil Knievel Highway

One speed for all, self-enforcing.
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On the Knievel highway, the speed signs read:

Max speed: 75
Min speed: 75

This is rigorously enforced by the design of the roadway itself, which is constructed in a series of take-off and landing ramps. Autos traveling precisely at the listed speed make a smooth parabolic flight from the off ramp to the next landing ramp. Wheeeeee! Those going too fast are subjected to a jarring, exhaust-pipe-removing collision with the roadway. And those going too slow, well, they don’t make it at all (sorry to say), and fall into a pit, which is cleaned out from time to time.

And for those with an anti-death mindset...

The same idea, but the gap is replaced with a rumble section, so that you’re flying over it by mere inches if you’re at the right speed. And your teeth are chattering if you’re too slow (instead of plunging into the pit).

ldischler, Apr 21 2004

[Cedar Park]'s after market accessory. http://members.shaw...ages/wheeshocks.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       So we'll be constantly going from high-gee landing-takeoff ramp transitions to zero-gee flight to the next ramp? No thanks.   

       What happens if you get a flat tire and fail to maintain takeoff speed? Do you slam into the backside of the next landing ramp? No thanks.   

       What happens if there's something on the road surface of one of the transitions? I can't swerve to avoid it, because I'd risk changing my speed. No thanks.   

       How about if there's gusting wind? A headwind will make me come up short. A tail wind will push me long. A crosswind will push me off the proper landing path. No thanks.   

       What about drag? While a projectile travels in a parabolic arch in a vacuum, this is not so when there is drag. Everyone will have to leave the ramp at a different speed to get to the next ramp. (and yes, changing mass will factor in because of this.) No thanks.   

       What about pitch angle? How will I ensure that I'm pitched at the right angle to land smoothly, instead of nose-up or nose down? Again, no thanks.   

       How about sensitive cargo that can't handle the ups and downs (livestock, for example)? I don't think the cows would appreciate it. No thanks.   

       I could keep going with this, but I've got better things to do. I can find so many faults in this idea, I regret that I have but one bone to give.
Freefall, Apr 21 2004

       And 'tis a shame, with a name like freefall.
ldischler, Apr 21 2004

       Think of the fun. Thanks!
bristolz, Apr 21 2004

       All those disadvantages are outweighed by so many advantages I can't be bothered to list them. Yes please.
Loris, Apr 21 2004

       Oh, could I trouble you for just one, dear Loris?
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 21 2004

       Talk about 'black hat' thinking.   

       All that needs to be constructed to avoid the problems mentioned by [freefall] is a series of parabolic roads of varying speeds on top of each other - fastest at the top. that way if you miss the landing ramp, you can land the next one down, which caters for cars at a slower speed.
stupop, Apr 21 2004

       Tax dollars well spent.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 21 2004

       How about different lanes for different speeds... That would keep the slow drivers in the slow lanes.   

       I like this one... Bake on...
zigness, Apr 21 2004

       [xx], yes.
zigness, Apr 21 2004

       //if you miss the landing ramp, you can land the next one down//   

       What if your speed is somewhere in-between the fast and slow such that the landing ramp comes up somewhere near your windshield?   

       Now, if this is just an ordinary road which undulates in a parabolic shape, I'll bun it. I've had my share of fun on a certain road in florida that has a section with near-parabolic curve to it that lets you go nearly weightless at a speed well above normal traffic speeds (over 90 mph...how much I won't say).   

       As to the digs about my name, I've spent quite a bit of time in freefall, (several hours, at roughly one minute at a time) and I'd love to drive on a road like this. I'm just voicing my opinion that it's probably not the best way to enforce a speed limit or promote safe driving for the masses.
Freefall, Apr 21 2004

       But cars of various weights would have to drive various speeds, so the limit 75 thing doesn't hold.
waugsqueke, Apr 21 2004

       Each vehicle would have their speedometers calibrated to be the ideal 75mph for the aerodynamics and mass of the vehicle, regardless of the actual speed.
bristolz, Apr 21 2004

       Dukes of Hazzard blasting on the stereo. (+)   


       My car is off to the garage, respray and air horn as we speak.
engineer1, Apr 22 2004

       //But cars of various weights would have to drive various speeds, so the limit 75 thing doesn't hold.//   

       Would they?
Acceleration due to gravity is independent of mass.
Loris, Sep 01 2004

       [Loris] Galileo aside, bakers, by an overwhelming majority, say that full-size falls faster than compact.
ldischler, Sep 01 2004

       Well, just that it doesn't launch as well.
bristolz, Sep 01 2004

       i am already getting motion sick
shad, Sep 01 2004

       Wusses would be invited to not take the EK Highway.
bungston, Sep 02 2004

       I love it but:   

       1) On-ramps would be a nightmare - I can't take those cloverleafs at 75   

       2) You better hope like hell nothing's in the way when you try to merge   

       3) What if you want to change lanes? Esp. with [zig]'s diff. lanes/diff. speeds idea. "Blinker, blinker, steering, WHAM!"
elhigh, Jun 20 2005

       Ah, this made me smile. How did I ever miss this?
Detly, Jun 20 2005

       But where would you get all the buses you need to line up between each set of ramps?
hippo, Jun 20 2005


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