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Linda Blair Guacamole Dispenser

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Linda Blair Guacamole Dispenser.... It's a replica head of Linda Blair as she appeared in the Exorcist, which sits on top of a jar of guacamole. The head contains a propellant similar to a soda-stream cartridge, and the head forms an airtight seal with the jar, by means of a simple rubber ring.

To dispense the condiment, you simply rotate the head 180 degrees then press down, releasing a jet of guacamole in the direction of your plate.

xenzag, Aug 05 2010

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       disgusting and horrible.[+]
Voice, Aug 05 2010

       Paula Radcliffe soda siphon?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 05 2010

       I can't stand guacamole. But, the impulse buyer in me screams for release. <sigh> Oh, alright; I'll take three of 'em. Bun [+], just because I get to twist Linda Blair's head.
Grogster, Aug 06 2010

       Could it be used as a pea soup dispenser, as well?
Cedar Park, Aug 06 2010

       Just gross enough for me.+
blissmiss, Aug 06 2010

       I suppose it could dispense anything, but somehow guacamole seems so right.
xenzag, Aug 06 2010

8th of 7, Aug 06 2010

       [Max] very good...
hippo, Aug 06 2010

       The guacamole type I prefer lends itself to more of a Play-Dough barbershop extrusion type of dispenser, instead of a devil-possessed projectile-vomiting type dispenser.
Cedar Park, Aug 06 2010

       You just need a more powerful propellant, then. 130 Bar Nitrogen would do.
8th of 7, Aug 06 2010

       I should install plate holders on the wall, and pre- glue the nacho chips to the plate with melted cheese before firing.
Cedar Park, Aug 06 2010


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