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Line Dogs

Dogs trained to make line calls
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One bark: let. Two barks: out.

Poodles for kids games, escalating to Rottweilers for McEnroe types.

Would require a rule change: no bringing rolled-up magazines or doggie treats on to the court.

MacDougal, Feb 10 2007

Explaining [imaginality]'s spot on commentary pun. http://www.bbc.co.u...ort/suebarker.shtml
I still groaned though. [Jinbish, Feb 11 2007]

"!", said benfrost Ball_20Dogs
What next? Umpire Dogs? Cliff Richard Dogs? British Tennis Failure Dogs? [calum, Feb 12 2007]


       there's a joke about Wimbledon and a roof somewhere...
po, Feb 10 2007

       These dogs aren't infallible, though: did you see that Murray-Federer game yesterday? Murray was 5-6 down in a tie-break, serving to stay in the set, and the dog called his shot out when it was clearly in.   

       That was a ruff decision.
imaginality, Feb 10 2007

       You cannot be Sirius.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2007

       I assume the commentator will be Sue Barker?
imaginality, Feb 10 2007

benfrost, Feb 11 2007


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