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Get others to link to irrelevant sites on the HB.
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Linkbaiting is an amusing new game (read: "trolling strategy") that can be played online right here in the halfbakery! The goal of the game is simple: To leave seemingly irrelevant links under ideas, posted by members other than yourself. The procedure is as follows:

1. In an annotation, somehow connect an otherwise random subject, song or video to the idea, and ask someone to link to it for you, as you can't because [insert excuse here]. If this doesn't work, just say something like "Well, I'd be obliged if someone would link the Wikipedia page for Fozzie the Bear."

2. After a charitable sitemember makes said link, wait for the idea to drop out of "recent." Then delete your annotation.

Years later following the idea's churning, the member who made the link will see it and scan the thread for the reason that they linked to the seemingly unrelated subject. Finding none, they will credit it to a bout of insanity, and you can giggle quietly at home with the truth.

DrWorm, Nov 14 2010

Wikipedia: Fozzie Bear http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fozzie_Bear
Waka Waka Waka. [jutta, Nov 14 2010]

Distantly related, with a different purpose Link_20letters
[normzone, Nov 14 2010]

Spelling error http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Tori_Spelling
[hippo, Nov 15 2010]

how do you train engineers? http://www.allstars...s/TrainEngineer.jpg
[xandram, Nov 15 2010]


       [DrWorm], I'm sure you have a few examples of this in the bakery. I think you owe it to us to link to them?
Ling, Nov 14 2010

       Has the thrill of ringing doorbells and running away started to pall, then, [Dr]?
pertinax, Nov 14 2010

       //and you can giggle quietly at home with the truth//
or you could've if not for the fact that you'd forgotten as well.
FlyingToaster, Nov 14 2010

       thank you [jutta]
po, Nov 14 2010

       Would it not be more effective to edit the idea itself?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 14 2010

       What idea ?
8th of 7, Nov 14 2010

       The alternative game is to seek out these irrelevant links and engineer annotations that cause them to make sense, as Fozzie Bear (link) might have said.
hippo, Nov 14 2010

       [bigsleep} - I think there's a spelling error (see link) in your anno: "predominant".
hippo, Nov 15 2010

       The contra-positive of this idea would be to create a semi-serious sounding website about precisely the topic of discussion regardless of how absurd it is.
RayfordSteele, Nov 16 2010


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