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Live P2P HB Game

Speed baking
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To play you need a special Peer to Peer HB client. When you log on, you are designated a random category for which you have 10 minutes to come up with a suitable idea. Meanwhile, you vote on previous ideas that other Peer players have come up with for their random category. Whoever collects the Most buns wins.
simonj, Jul 25 2004


       As long as I don't have to go head to head against FarmerJohn it sounds like fun.   

       yeah, if [fj] got the clocks category we'd surely lose.+
swimr, Jul 25 2004

       I'd go crazy looking for pictures to describe my ideas, but ...
dpsyplc, Jul 26 2004

       So many ideas on here could have benefited from 10 minutes thought.
angel, Jul 26 2004

       You can't rush genius, or so they tell me.
phoenix, Jul 26 2004


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