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Lint Roller Chute

Removing lint on the go
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Ever brushed up against something that left unsightly deposits on your suit, while you were at work? Ever get a ride to a meeting in your coworker’s car, the one with the dog? Got a lint brush or roller on your person? Probably not.

The Lint Roller Chute is a tube mounted on the unexploited slope between up and down escalators. Inside the tube are hundreds of big squishy lint rollers mounted on retractable arms with springs.

Put on a lint chute bonnet (if you're worrying about mussing the hairdo) and enter at the top, head first. As you traverse the chute, the puffy lint rollers contact you on all sides, restoring your outfit to its usual fuzzless state. At the bottom you slide out on to an elevated landing. Swing your feet down and walk away, confident in your newly restored spiffiness.

(Do not forget to remove the bonnet, as there is no way it complements your ensemble.)

Shz, Oct 21 2005




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