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Movie ear plugs.

When You don't want to hear it.
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Ear plugs that you wear at the movies, or duiring shows, so that you can watch the moive and not the lady sitting behind you, or her husbands cell phone. It will allow alarms to be heard when they go off of course, for saftey reasons. Also, try the new phobia blocker glasses.
Xcubeds, Jun 22 2005


       Movie theatres often have headphones for the hearing impaired. This may help.
Worldgineer, Jun 22 2005

       Are you telling me there are people out there who can't hear in a movie theatre? Dang, they is deaf.
Texticle, Jun 22 2005

       Subconsciously, your brain is saying movies are BAD.
mensmaximus, Jun 22 2005

       how does it work?
ato_de, Jun 23 2005

       I once posted an idea for a theatre FM broadcast of the audio. Turned out it's baked.
waugsqueke, Jun 23 2005


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