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or maybe Parchlint. I can't decide.
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Step one: Remove thin film of dryer lint from trap.

Step two: Lay lint gently into one segment of (330mm x 215mm) raised lip tray.

Step three: Repeat loads of laundry until entire tray is covered. (we recommend using sheets from the same color of load for each individual tray but feel free to experiment)

Step four: spray entire surface of tray filled dryer lint with waterproofing seal coat spray or equal parts pvc glue and water mixture.

Step five: Place weighted tray sized insert onto lint sheets, drain excess liquid and allow to dry for at least eight hours before removing insert.

Step six: Remove insert and use the first sheet of your very own home-made parchment to send a thank you note to the makers of Lintionery.

A search for prior art turned up in an anno to this idea...sorta. Dust_20Recycling
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 26 2006]

Homemade Lint Paper http://www.planetpa...er_lint_crafts.html
According to the directions in this recipe, dryer lint by itself will not give your finished paper product enough body, and so requires re-inforcing fibers from blenderized scrap paper. [jurist, Sep 26 2006]


       I think you're stepping on the toes of [lintkeeper2].
xaviergisz, Sep 26 2006

       I'm sure there is a dirty laundry aspect to this somewhere lurking in it's exploitation. It's a great idea, with much potential. +
xenzag, Sep 26 2006

       <Obligatory WIFRT> Before I read the category, I thought this was going to be a new game where players had to guess a word based on shapes you formed from dryer lint.
Canuck, Sep 26 2006

       If you end up choosing to stay with the "Lintionary" name, you probably should consider changing the spelling to "Lintionery" to indicate that it derives from Lint + Stationery.
jurist, Sep 26 2006

       <pedant>Yup, [jurist], I was deceived by the a/e thing as well. Thought it was some kind of first-world, over-whitegood-endowed dictionary with seventeen words for different types of dryer lint, equivalent to the (I know, I know: apocryphal) variants of eskimo words for snow. </p>
m_Al_com, Sep 26 2006

       lint, fuzz, fluff, down, combings, fibres, wadding, fleece, thatch, fur, flock....
squeak, Sep 26 2006

       + well I like Parchlint just fine, too.
xandram, Sep 26 2006

       The name has been changed to protect the linty. although it looks like [Jurist] found other prior art.   

       You know, I never even thought to look for this idea anywhere but the Halfbakery. How bad is that?   

       Having made my own paper-crafts at home I can reassure you that lint makes a lovely addition. :)
ionsfromzion, Sep 26 2006

       When I was in the Navy, our Ship's Laundryman made fake rats out of excess lint... Your idea is far more useful.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 27 2006

       I once cut off all my hair and made it into a most excellent rat, which I kept in the ice box in the fridge. With all the white frost that accumulated on it, it scared the hell out of unwary ice cube seekers.   

       All happened in an apartment I was staying in, in San Francisco many years ago (sighs sadly). I'm sure I have pics somewhere. I keep my hair so short now that I can make mites out of the clippings and stick them all over the ceiling. They are time consuming, but worth the effort. "Did something just fall in your drink?" - "There's something wrong with you - do you know that? - (recent conversation)   

       Hair Ceiling Mites. Some things you write about, but others you just do.
xenzag, Sep 27 2006

       Yep, nothing like a good toenail clipping armadillo.   


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