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Liquid Air Spray Cooler

Instead of fans spray an extremely thin stream of liquid air
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A new air conditioning system is hereby proposed.

Current systems work by sucking the room's heat from the air into a coolant in a radiator, and then fanning the cool air around the room.
Outside the building, the heat is removed from the coolant to the ambient air in a system of condensing and radiating.

In the proposed system, we use liquid air as the coolant created and stored with efficient cryocoolers outside the building at night time when it is less costly to cool.

The liquid air is then sprayed into the room in extremely thin streams. It would reach further in the room with less energy needed because pumping liquid is much more efficient than fanning air. The heat exchange is done directly where it is needed - in the room, and the coolant/air cycle is deprecated, saving energy.

pashute, Jul 15 2011

Liquid_20air_20delivery No mention of spraying in thin streams (which would look cool!), but otherwise it's the same idea. [spidermother, Jul 15 2011]

Liquid Air Delivery Not the same idea at all. [bungston] is proposing something like the ice-cube companies, shipping in the cold air. [pashute, Jul 18 2011]


       Apart from the fact that this wouldn't dehumidify - simply precipitate out the moisture in the air as a cloud of ice crystals - and it would cause severe, painful burns if the jet touched unprotected skin, this is a great idea.   

       But we suspect it has been mentioned here before.
8th of 7, Jul 15 2011

       [marked-for-deletion] Redundant.
spidermother, Jul 15 2011

       If you used the expanding liquid air as the driver in an air-mover, you'd be much better off. There's a Dyson blade-less fan that'd be ideal, or you could use the liquid air to run a hydraulic motor for a bladed fan, or even as the tip-jets in a bladed fan.   

       Doing so would get air circulating, which provides a lot of cooling, even the temperature out, and reduce the chances of someone getting liquid air in their eye.   

       And, if you did it right, you could use the cold liquid air to condense water vapor out of the room, which is a large part of air conditioning.   

       Since things like that weren't thought out, [ ].
baconbrain, Jul 15 2011

       [Marked to stay]   

       Wow! Just a month ago!! But that idea - [Liquid 20 air 20 delivery] - is about factory delivered pre- prepared liquid air. Mine is a simple air conditioning system.   

       Thanks [brain] for bringing the idea closer to a FullyThoughtOut.com one. I still think no fan is needed. Instead you could have "guards" on the ceiling or along the walls close to the surface, and the spray would be sent between the ceiling or wall and the guard, so no harm is due.
pashute, Jul 17 2011

       It takes way more energy to cool something to a lower temperature than you need. Its follows the carnot equation and is not linear. Typically refrigerants are chosen to have a phase change around the desired temperature of cooling for maximum efficiency.
EricNutsch, Jul 19 2011


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