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Liquid Immersion Cooling for PCs

Immerse the non-moving parts in a PC in a vat filled with liquid silicone or mineral oil.
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Supercomputers with massive parallel CPU and memory arrays are often immersed completely in a chilled, non-conductive liquid such as silicone or mineral oil.

I propose the ultimate "case-mod" and overclockers dream: A computer case that manages to separate, contain, and seal all non-moving components of a desktop PC in a tank of cooled liquid.

Vents that circulate the liquid through the tank would be strategically placed above key components, such as the CPU, memory, and graphics chips so that these parts would recieve the coldest blast. The liquid would then be expelled out of the tank and into another container, where it would be subsequently refrigerated and then pumped back into the PC.

Such a PC would be a nightmare to upgrade or otherwise tinker with as sealing the necessary components would result in something you wouldn't want to tamper with. I also imagine that at least a 5 gallon enclosure would be necessary to submerge all the right parts, not to mention what apparatus one would need to cool and recirculate the liquid.

aland, Feb 28 2003

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       Chilled silicone? I don't think that would circulate very well.
DrCurry, Feb 28 2003

       Excuse me, silicone oil.
aland, Feb 28 2003

       boo.. Google next time.
JackandJohn, Mar 02 2003

       just use CUSTARD
sninctown, Nov 27 2005


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