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thermochromic cooling liquid

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What would be nice, is if you could have a liquid that changes colour at the two stages of heating and cooling in a computer liquid cooling system.

It would make for some very nice visuals.

Plus is an interesting indicator of general cooling performance.

mofosyne, Jun 11 2016

CPU Mounted Lava Lamp CPU_20Mounted_20Lava_20Lamp
Alternatively ... [8th of 7, Jun 11 2016]


       WIBNI ... (tends to lead to mfd)
Vernon, Jun 11 2016

       Although this starts with the WIBNI text I don't think it falls into mfd territory. Thermochromic fluids exist. And if they don't, take hundreds of those stick-on colour-changing thermometers and shred them into bits, and have some colour-changing glitter in your coolant.   

       It might be easier though to just have red and blue LEDs inside the waterblocks, so the inlet looks blue and the outlet looks red.
mitxela, Jun 11 2016

       //take hundreds of those stick-on colour-changing thermometers and shred them into bits// makes no sense. Thermochromic compounds exist and they make up those things you want to shred (which, incidentally, is a great idea for the Mirror Mulch idea).   

       Anyhoo, back to the idea. There is a serious trade-off between accuracy and aesthetics in thermochromic compounds. So you can have some thing that is accurate but not pretty or something that is pretty but not accurate.
4whom, Jun 11 2016

       What, like a female accountant...?   

       <dives behind sandbags>
8th of 7, Jun 11 2016

       <Automatic Bag of Sand>
4whom, Jun 11 2016

       Have you tried thiotimoline?
not_morrison_rm, Jun 12 2016

       // thiotimoline //   

       That's endochronic, not thermochromic.   

       But it might be worth a try. Don't use the resublimated stuff, though, it's much more expensive and it dosen't taste the slightest bit different.
8th of 7, Jun 12 2016

       Another idea I didn't post first because I thought it was not interesting/novel enough to be worth posting. But someone else posting it confirms to me that it's a good idea.
notexactly, Jul 03 2016

       Neat idea, but the first paragraph is an mfd magnet.
FlyingToaster, Jul 04 2016

       I wanted to do this about 10 years ago. I built a clear box and fitted the bare bones of a PC into it before filling the whole thing with some transformer oil that a neighbor had laying about. I was looking for an oil soluble substance that changed color at the 40-60C range, right about then I discovered that oil likes to creep up electrical cables, and I had a big mess to clean up. So I stopped.
bs0u0155, Jul 05 2016


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