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Liscence-plate scanners

A detection system to see driving records
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It sure would be nice to be able to see if the car ahead of you had a history of road-rage. It always scares the hell out of me to wonder if I am driving behind a maniac. If you had some sort of a camera aimed at the spot where a plate was. It would be wired to the internet via satelite, like those sprint phones I see people yapping on while driving. So it could scan the plate ahead of you, and warn you if you were ahead of a serial killer of something. could be useful for the cops, too.
Cheezeman, Apr 21 2000

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[hippo, Apr 21 2000]


       Brilliant! Speed limit could also be enforced by placing cheap devices along the road. And your mother-in-law could track you over the Internet... :)
danilom, Apr 24 2000

       Can anyone say big brother. The last thing I want is my travels being documented in a database of some government agency.
cmiller2478, Apr 24 2000

       Imagine what all the privacy advocates would say if they tried to introduce automobile licensing now... ``Oh my god, they want to put a unique ID on every car and keep a database connecting those IDs to your personal information, driving record, arrest record, etc.? What a total Big Brother play! Next thing you know, cops will be tracking our every move by entering those numbers into the system...''
egnor, Apr 24 2000

       "SCMOTS: The State, County, Municipal Offender Tracking System." Anybody seen 'The Blues Brothers' recently?
Eeyore, Apr 24 2000

       I recall hearing someplace that they have a system of putting a radio-tag in vehicles in Australia. Speed-traps then just record your tag number and speed. Come license renewal, you pay your annual fees PLUS the accumulated fines.
jetckalz, Jun 20 2000

       Hi jetckal   

       Im from Australia and thats the first Ive heard about a radio tagging system. As far as I know its still the same old game of cat and mouse with the cops here too.
mirage, Aug 22 2000

       And what if your travels were "documented in the database of some big government agency"? What have you got to hide? On the other hand I'd quite like to know if I was driving behind someone with no insurance who was currently banned from driving.

See "Invasive government" link.
hippo, Aug 22 2000

       [egnor] Automobiles can already be uniquely identified. It's called a VIN.
phoenix, Aug 10 2001

Pallex, Aug 13 2001

       must be an American spelling. [angel] is quite good at sniffing those out.
lewisgirl, Aug 13 2001

       London's new congestion charging scheme due to be implemented in 2002 has created a zone within central London completely ringed by license plate recognition cameras. As you enter the zone your license plate is logged and £5 debited from your (ccs) account. You have 24 hours grace to top it up. Good idea I think. Maybe the average road speed will climb above 10mph once more?
stupop, Aug 13 2001

       Hi hippo. Like invasive government, it's invasive. But it's us being invasive. Surely there's something to be said for the paradigm shift. Hi cmiller2478. Maybe you'd prefer the database somewhere in the private sector. I'd prefer it somewhere in the public domain.
LoriZ, Oct 03 2001

       This is (as far as UK is concerned) just public access to the Police National Computer, wherein are stored details of vehicles and their registered keepers.
angel, Oct 03 2001

       I'd much rather be tracked by some underfunded, understaffed, poorly run government bureaucracy than some coldly efficient capitalist concern, like the phone company- or, worse yet, Microsoft...
whlanteigne, Aug 25 2002


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