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Mobile License Plate Counselling

identify 'cries for help'
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When a teenager is in trouble, so parents are told, they will ‘cry for help’. Different behaviours like reservation, loss of appetite, and hanging around with different crowds are, among others, indicators. They can indicate a plethora of different problems including anorexia, drug abuse, et cetera. But for all of these sophisticated mechanisms for identification, one remains as yet, unexplored.

I propose that as a community based policing initiative, mobile counselling vans be sent to counsel people with suspect license plates*. DR SEX, SIKBRO, IAMHOT, THEBST, NRGIZE, 2HOT2B, SEXBOM, and others will attract skilled professional counsellors who will help the young’uns get back on the right track.

* Here in Australia, license plate numbers come in two sets of three characters, for example, ABC123. Motorists can opt to buy their choice of license plate so long as it is less than or equal to six characters, for example MYCAR. I’m assuming that in Europe, the US, Canada, and the rest of the world, you must have similar systems of license plate number purchase.

sdm, Sep 25 2001

Virginia's Plate Availability page https://www.dmv.sta...se/select_plate.asp
Select the plate type (quite a variety) then see if your phrase is available. [phoenix, Sep 25 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I'll save my stories of insulting FITNHOT mercilessly. Enjoy your 'flaky' croissant.
thumbwax, Sep 25 2001

       It's not just the disaffected urban youth that needs help here - this malaise has spread much further into the community that I originally feared.   

       A few months ago, as I was riding home from work one evening, I saw a nice shiny red dick, I mean sports car, with the license plate "WWJD." Why, he'd spend money on pointless status symbols, leaving the poor and hungry to suffer, naturally.
lobster, Sep 25 2001

       I saw H1HAT - would love to know who owned it
po, Sep 25 2001

       I understand our DHSMV screen potential vanity plate buyers for appropriateness. They try to screen the obvious like *racial slurs* of course, but then they also consider the motivation of the consumer for tags like I1I1OI1 that scream "Slow down and see for yourself what kind of podunk drives this heap."   

       The other day I saw a guy driving a chrome adorned SUV that had the tag physically welded to the truck. Paranoid? Hmmm.
reensure, Sep 25 2001

       Hmm... is it still okay if I get WTF on my plate, or is that a cry for help? Actually, I've seriously considered getting ABSTRGE... but nah, that'd never happen... *whistles*
absterge, Sep 25 2001

       Best I've seen: TI3VOM. Hint: Imagine this in your rear-view.
schwinger, Sep 26 2001


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