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Litter Box With Tombstone

Marking your final resting place.
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Based on the proven fact that house cats eat their owners when they die if nobody else shows up to feed them, usually within the next 24 hours. Cats aren’t terribly sentimental.

But just because your cats are going to eat you when you die, no reason why the litter box containing your remains can't be a place of dignity.

The "Rest-In-Peace Litter-Box" (tm) features a beautiful tombstone with your name carved on it so you'll be remembered. At least you would be if your cats could read.

For a fancier resting place, we offer the enclosed litter box mausoleum. Give your cats some privacy as they “lay” you to rest.

doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2022

The perfect accessory to go with this. Your_20Dead_20Body_...20Cat_20Food_20Dish
[doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2022]

"Oh cuddles, you've came to be with me in my final moments!" https://www.google....tg=1&source=sh/x/im
[doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2022]




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