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Litter Bugger

An army of robots to embarrass litter-droppers into changing their ways.
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A fairly large (say 5 feet tall) and robust robot is equipped with a video camera, some image processing software and a speaker. When it detects an individual dropping litter, it follows them for five minutes or so admonishing them about their selfish ways, unless they pick up the litter.

There are two versions, polite and not so polite. Polite's phrases would be suitably middle-classed, something like:

"This person is a litterer! They are selfish and self-centered and are ruining your environment!"

"Pick that up - would you do that at home?"

"This place looks like a pigsty thanks to you!"

"Keep your country tidy!"

The not so polite version would be a little more earthy, useful for the rougher areas of town:

"Oi! You dropped litter you ****!"

"Come back here and pick up your s**t, you ****, I don't want to have to wade through your crap!"

"Think you're ****ing clever do you? If I was human I'd ram that litter up your ****!"

Advanced versions would have a battery of sensors, such as kebab-fat sniffers, burger-wrapper spotters, stale beer smellers and loud music detectors to guide them to areas more likely to be littered.

the_knights_of_ni, Jun 10 2004

pigeon litter patrol http://www.halfbake...n_20litter_20patrol
train the lil buggers [etherman, Oct 04 2004]


       Please implement this. It seems like an inexpensive way for me to get my hands on some sophisticated electronics, "C'mon little robot fella, follow the confetti trail in to the truck."
half, Jun 10 2004

       Hence the robust, although you have a good point. Maybe add a tracking system to the list!
the_knights_of_ni, Jun 10 2004

       They would need to be armoured.
angel, Jun 10 2004

       I was thinking more of "padded", since you don't want people trying to beat one up and then suing for the injuries.
the_knights_of_ni, Jun 10 2004

       not robots! pigeons! <link>
etherman, Jun 10 2004

       If you could make them cry, people might feel guilty.
MikeOliver, Jun 10 2004

       stuff that gets sad when it has rubbish thrown near it?
st3f, Jun 10 2004


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