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Money Bins

People will use public trash bins if money might come out
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The new downtown trash bins are set to dispense a $5 bill when the trash inside reaches a randomly selected weight.

After each emptying by city employees, the dispensing weight is automatically reset.

globaltourniquet, Aug 10 2007

One persons trash is another persons Ebay http://www.ebay.com...hash=item5d4e81bad8
[normzone, Aug 04 2014]


       A hobo places one foot in the bin, gradually transfers weight to that foot until cash appears, then repeats with next bin.   

       Or, if the opening of the bin won't let in a leg, someone turns up with a rigid stick of some sort that can be lent on with the same effect.
pertinax, Aug 10 2007

       Or they'll collect rocks and throw them in until the $ comes out. My god, this is a lousy idea.
globaltourniquet, Aug 10 2007

       Dispense coupons good for one item at the downtown "Look what We Found in the Trash" STORE.   

       Yesterday I set out a Full size Rooster doll with plastic feet by the dumpster. The filthy dirty thing was gone in an hour.   

       A bag of aluminum cans can be found in many a dumpster.
popbottle, Aug 04 2014


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