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Little Lamb

Real Lamb's wool
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You've probably got a lambswool jumper, especially if living in London. Can get quite chilly.

Wearing a lambswool jumper can keep the draft out to some extent, however what is needed is a real lamb attachment.

A small lamb which occompanies the jumper,attached to the woolen yarns at certain places, eg: the neck attached to the sleeve, as a natural leash?

The little lamb will be your littel companion in times of cold, a hugable little animal that feels as comfortable in your arms as it would in its mothers'. Obviously excusing the treatment and maufacturing of the wool.

chocolateraindrops, Mar 15 2006


       Mary had a little lamb, blah, blah, blah - wasn't this what got Marie Antionette into all that trouble...?
DrCurry, Mar 15 2006

normzone, Mar 15 2006

       The idea is "Snuggle up to your livestock?" Your grammar school teachers should be so ashamed right now.
jurist, Mar 15 2006


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