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Mutual leash

Leash your dog to your neck
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This animal leash has two collars. One for the human, one for the pet.Keeps your hands free and makes a statement of some kind. May need to be broadened and stiffened significantly on the human's end for larger dogs.
Voice, Aug 22 2021

Woman died after being strangled by dog leads https://www.bbc.co....s/uk-wales-55170356
[Loris, Aug 22 2021]


       I know your idea tries to mitigate this, but the link still gives me concern.
Loris, Aug 22 2021

       My dog and I approach this from the opposite direction; he holds one end of the leash in his mouth, I hold the other end in my hand, and we walk together by mutual consent. (I have to attach the leash to his collar when we're near a road, because he has no traffic sense).
pertinax, Aug 23 2021

       Humorous for bystanders when a large dog and under powered, poor commanding human are involved.
wjt, Aug 26 2021


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