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Little Water Monster In A Jar Finger Puppet

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I dreamt this idea the night after after working a ticket booth at a fundraiser for a theater troup called Squallis Puppets.

A realistic little finger-sized monster with one giant bulging eyeball twitches inside a little cramped jar of murky salt water I hold here in my hand, one finger of which I use to operate the monster. A screw-on ring on the bottom of the jar seals a rubber glove finger which goes up into the underwater finger puppet.

Mustardface, Feb 18 2011

Classic trick to play on your sisters kids http://www.youtube....watch?v=45XKWsSYTIc
[MikeD, Feb 19 2011]


       The monster should have a round mouth with internal teeth like a lamprey, which it can press up against the glass.
bungston, Feb 18 2011

       The internal teeth should be ceramic, so when the sucker mouth is pressed against the glass the teeth can go "click, click" on the glass.
bungston, Feb 18 2011

       The eyeball housing is clear and full of clear viscous goo. The ball itself moves randomly about within.
bungston, Feb 18 2011

       Everyone wonders why you refuse to raise it higher than your waist.
rcarty, Feb 18 2011

       Brilliant, [mustard]. Reminds me of another gruesome finger powered illusion. <link>   

MikeD, Feb 19 2011

       Love it.
Link's broken for me [MikeD].

       Here, try now, [2fries]. I am an e-tard.
MikeD, Feb 19 2011


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