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Lit up jump rope

double dutch jump ropes lit by led lights
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So I know that "light up jump ropes" exist, but they're for little kids and are not lit up by leds. I actually came across the POV jump rope when I was trying to research my idea. So this is how I'm thinking it would work:<p> cut up 1-3 inch clear tubes to make "beads"
glue and wire an led light in each
connect the "beads" together with wire through really thin clear plstic "beads"
then connect to battery filled handles

issues I'm trying to figure out: <p> obv. making a complete circuit
not breaking the led lights when in use
not getting the wires twisted so they break
having enough power>br>

I forgot to mention that this is for doubel dutch.

so, ideas?

PaulaK, Jun 07 2007




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