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Live-In Gardeners

Regenerate Ugly Developments
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After visiting a number of out-of-town shopping complexes today, I've come home slightly depressed. Everywhere I've been has shared the same tired, beaten-up, sad and forlorn look. You know, big warehouse style buildings with attached car-parks surrounded by scraggly, unkempt bushes, litter, all permeated by a general sense of malaise.

Now consider the country-gardens of old, or the temples of the East - Where buildings are cared for and the surrounding gardens tended by staff who's motivation is primarily one of pride. How to instil this sense of attendance to the small things in today's modern world?

Patronage. If each complex, or out-of town shopping centre employed a gardener, on a live-in basis, and on the premise that the grounds were theirs to tend and keep in order, then assuming the correct people were chosen for the job, many of these horrible places would, over time, be transformed into places of beauty.

I'm talking fountains, shady walks to and from the car-park, tended lawns, trees gently blowing in the breeze, and an old friendly guy who knows and cares for each site like no-one else.

zen_tom, Aug 05 2004

Worked for 12 years in the SF Bay Area http://www.sfgate.c.../01/06/BA178125.DTL
Final chapter in the story about the homeless guy that created very nice gardens and cleaned the restrooms at a freeway rest area. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

chancey (sp?) http://www.geocitie...h44/beingthere.html
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I have to say that I LOVE this idea. All of those horrible, dated places could use live-ins. I hope somebody puts this idea to use.
veryvermilion, Aug 05 2004

       I'd like to garrotte mine if I could get away with it.
po, Aug 05 2004

       chance(y) you got to take
po, Aug 05 2004

       What on earth is that page about? I'm dizzy.
Worldgineer, Aug 05 2004

       [po] I don't know whether to applaud you, or to back away slowly (making no sudden moves) for finding that site. Maybe I'll do both...
zen_tom, Aug 06 2004

       I love this idea. I was walking downtown a few weeks ago, and saw a street vedor, listening to the radio and selling hotdogs. He seemed happy, much, much happier then the drab office employees on their lunch breaks. It makes me rethink life and what I want to end up with. A nice house and a fancy car, or a great life doing something I enjoy. +++
swimr, Aug 06 2004

       zen, don't be afraid - 'being there' is a brilliant film!
po, Aug 06 2004

       Just lose the out of town shopping centres. I hope that they rot into their own foundations.
gnomethang, Aug 07 2004


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