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plant kennel

For spoiled plants.
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Since I live in Manhattan, and have no space, my garden consists of orchids and bonsai. I love my plants, and spend time each day caring for them. But, what if I had to go out of town? For my babies, telling the neighbor to come by and slop some water on them once a week won’t do! (orchids must be misted you see… and the amount of mist depends on the humidity in the room. Bonsai must be soaked.. and unauspicious shoots must be pinched— this requires a sense of the artistic power of bonsai—something my neighbor, no doubt, lacks!)

This is where the Plant Kennel comes in. The plant kennel is a big green house (possibly a garden center that simply offers plant kennel services.) Simply bring in your plant and it will be placed in the proper environment and cared for by the staff of expert botanists.

If one of your plants becomes sick, a few months stay at the plant kennel could save their life! (house calls available for large plants.)

futurebird, May 11 2003


       Nice idea but I wonder about the financial viability of such an operation, especially in spendy locales like Manhattan. The boarding fees would likely be eye-popping.
bristolz, May 11 2003

       I have heard of orchid subscription services that are this at heart. They bring you a new orchid each month or so, and take the old one back to nurse it back to top form. Not especially cheap, of course, but not expensive compared to other florists' offerings n Manhattan.
DrCurry, May 11 2003

       This would be a luxury service, priced accordingly.   

       My only objections would be that 1) my plants are big & heavy, and 2) transporting them would likely traumatize them.
snarfyguy, May 11 2003

       For you, our special hot house limo service...
DrCurry, May 11 2003

       There are services that will come to your house and take care of your plants while you are away (and pets, and mail and et cetera). Widely known to exist, I'd say. Surely this is simpler than gathering up all of your plants and taking them someplace else.
waugsqueke, May 11 2003

       [futurebird], I like the idea. It's probably feasible although it's going to be a very small niche.
BTW, I love the pink tulips in the blue vase! Yum.
k_sra, May 12 2003

       you need a fleet of plant ambulances. a lot of plants actually die because they have caught a chill in transit.
po, May 12 2003


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