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Snail Plough

Harness garden snails to do the gardening for you
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This is a small plough attached to a yoke that sticks to the shells of a team of garden snails. The yoked snail team can then be set loose to wander round the flower bed leaving a neat furrow behind them.

Best deployed in a small area enclosed by the snail-discouraging metallic tape you can get to put round flowerpots, lest they make a break for freedom and your lettuces...

prufrax, Dec 10 2012

Sherman_27s_20Hermits prior military version [xenzag, Dec 10 2012]

Sail plow - The origin of this idea Sail Plow
[pashute, Dec 11 2012]


       I quite this variation, as I'm always keen to see our friends in the animal kingdom given meaningful (and meaningless) tasks. [+]
xenzag, Dec 10 2012

       [+] They would be great in a little Zen Garden!
xandram, Dec 10 2012

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 10 2012

       Most gardeners I know wouldn't classify snails as "harmless," but you'd have to ask them for the gory details.
DrCurry, Dec 10 2012

       Shuck'm if they can't take a yoke.   

       Good one [2 Fries].
AusCan531, Dec 10 2012


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