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Load Capacity Determining Toilet

A toilet that is able to determine the amount of water needed to flush down the waste.
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FLUSHHH!!! GURGLE...GURGLE..It's the all too familiar sound of a toilet thats backed up. But the LCD Toilet can help. Instead of relying on the same amount of water every time no matter how much waste is involved, the LCD toilet by swirling around the waste a few times (much like the laundry machine) can determine how much waste there is and how much water is needed. This not only insures that the toilet plunger goes unused, but also saves water when it is not needed.
moojuice200, Dec 07 2005


       I could really use this. I hate having to flush my water saver toilet 15 times simply because I over indulged at the banquet.
Jscotty, Dec 08 2005

       you need a hippo!
po, Dec 08 2005

       Maybe the toilet could courtesy flush every ____ grams, too.
eyal, Mar 18 2007

       Maybe it could determine the amount of waste by measuring the displacement of the water.
BJS, Mar 19 2007

       LCD is a rather unfortunately confusing abbreviation.   

       But cool idea! [+]
Smurfsahoy, Mar 19 2007

       get a plunger!
popbottle, Mar 26 2014

       I never knew one could get plunger insurance?!
TomP, Mar 28 2014

       Or maybe.. the toilet could have a centrifuge covered with a hydrophobic nanomaterial. We would not need to use water for flushing at all. Just turn on the centrifuge.   

       The spinning of centrifuge would extract different fractions of the material, enabling automatic classification of waste, and immediate analysis of the materials to collect health data.
Mindey, Aug 08 2014

       // hydrophobic nanomaterial. //   


       "Rabid Nanites, Batman ! "   

8th of 7, Aug 08 2014

       I would suspect that the consistency of the waste is also a relevant factor.
MechE, Aug 08 2014

       <mumbles something about a 50L canister of flies: do your business, shut the lid, release the flies into the bowl; after they're done something attracts them back into the canister.>
FlyingToaster, Aug 08 2014

       //"Rabid Nanites, Batman ! " //   

       <considers mentioning Klingons>   

MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 08 2014

       resisting the urge to make poo puns
Voice, Aug 10 2014

       Use a high-pressure blower to blast waste into the sewer with air pressure. Just watch out for the updraft downstream
sninctown, Aug 10 2014


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