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Mega worm bin

More worms!
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Everyone knows about worm farms. Mostly because folks get duped into thinking they can get rich raising worms to sell to fishermen. But a little worm bin is a nice way to get rid of some household garbage - old spinach, babana peels, etc.

There is no upper limit on this sort of thing. You could have really enormous worm bins. I propose that municipalities use technology similar to that used for oil tanks and water towers, and create giant worm bins. Yard waste would be ground fine, then fed to the worms. The more grass clippings and leaves, the more worms you will ultimately have. Tree-filled suburbs out east could have worm bins the size of sports stadiums, chowing down on leaves and grass. Agricultural plant waste could go into the worm bins as well.

These bins would produce quality worm castings, suitable to go back onto the soil. They would also be a source of safe protein in the form of luscious worms. These could be made into animal feed or deep fried for snacks (after a stopover in the cornmeal bin to rid their innards of gravel). Intrepid souls could go for a swim with the worms. Once a year, excess worms would be released from the bin in a televised ceremony.

bungston, Nov 23 2004

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       Yes, definitely. This idea is not even half-baked - its totally do-able and should be done forthwith. Can it have large windows in it so we can see the worms?
spacemoggy, Nov 23 2004

       I agree with 99% of this. But am worried with the 1% that made me feel *bungston* has a slight fetish. Bun, but thrown from a distance.
etherman, Nov 23 2004

       Hail Maudib!   

       Totally support this suggestion. For too long, the mega worms of this world have been ignored.
salachair, Nov 24 2004

       Excellent idea but I am NEVER going to see one, watch the release etc. Stuff of nightmares. And now I'm thinking of mega worms. Yuk.
crustyonion, Nov 24 2004

       Seems a reasonable idea. One thing: I don't think you could have a worm bin with the proportions and size of an oil storage tank. Too deep and the worms would suffocate and be crushed. Remember -- "When you kill a worm you kill a friend". (Green Acres TV show) PS "Mega worm bin" has to go. I suggest "Annelid Ranch", or perhaps "Earthworm Sanctuary" or perhaps whatever "Mega worm bin" translates to in French.
hangingchad, Nov 25 2004

       //This idea is not even half-baked // Sorry [GalactaPussy] A giant worm farm, called the Vermitainer, exists and is on the market.
ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 26 2004

       I think [bungston] has been eating too much spice. The next step would be throwing a hook and riding the worms.
Ling, Nov 26 2004

       Represents a corpse disposal location on a par with freshly poured motorway flyover support pillars.
calum, Nov 26 2004

       I was with you until : //Intrepid souls could go for a swim with the worms.// that's when it all started to go wrong.   

       Bun with reservation.
wagster, Nov 26 2004

       [Tabs] - to veer OT a second, I once saw an umbrella stand made by a young artist out of two boots set in a cube of concrete. It bore the plaque "Your umbrellas are sleeping with the fishes...".
wagster, Nov 26 2004

       [Bungston], your idea is great but baked. However I will still hand out a bun as it is not baked often enough. See link for a business in Wales that I visited last year.
afrocelt, Nov 26 2004

       I imagined a bin with one very short, veeery fat giant worm that ate all the garbage you threw in its mouth.   

       Am now completely freaked.
moomintroll, Nov 26 2004

       Indeed... Not only a natural waste disposal unit but also a good source of protein... Perhaps a range of herbs and spices can be added to make them worms finger licking...
madness, Nov 26 2004


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