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Loading bar fee & loading bar marketplaces

Pay money to make the loading bar disappear
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Your time is important to you.

How about you can click on a progress bar and pay to make it go faster.

Perhaps you pay and it sends the work to the cloud and the cloud does the work on a faster computer and sends the results back to your computer

In a loading bar market place, you place a bid of money against the progress bar, developers around the world try make the progress bar move faster by writing optimised code. Who makes the progress bar faster wins the bid.

chronological, May 27 2020


       Most of your progress bar is related to copying/reading/writing files on your hard disk. Decompression and the like as a cloud service is widely known to exist, but this idea is not baked: it's not available as described. [+/-]
Voice, May 27 2020

       This idea could be read as some kind of ransomware. The loading bar sits there taunting you; you pay to make it go away, without your payment having any other effect than triggering the temporary hiding of the loading bar. The more you pay to make it go away, the oftener it appears, suddenly sliding on to the corner of your screen at arbitrary times, tempting you to click on it and enter an ever larger amount of money.
pocmloc, May 28 2020


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