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Metaphorical programming

I feel that abstractions in programming are not powerful enough. What we really want to program with is metaphors. So I imagine complicated systems visualised a network of pipes like a circuit board. And I can introduce the metaphor of cars driving around a network. A loop is a depot that produces cars around a circuit. You can have visibility and observability of a system by rendering dataflow visually.
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I could do the following experiments with my code:

A) increase the number of cars on the road at any one point. Multithreading.

B) increase the width of roads

C) increase the number of crossings (semphores)

D) motorways - algorithm fast path

E) lanes - slow path, when the fast path cannot be used

F) for multithreaded software there would be multiple cars around the roads as each car represents part of a request

G) traffic jams are blocking synchronous calls

H) asynchronous programming is represented as a delivery from a depot and a return journey

chronological, Jul 18 2022

Checking out OpenAI + GitHub Copilot https://www.youtube...watch?v=GTG_bcFdcLQ
[Voice, Jul 18 2022]

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[Voice, Jul 18 2022]

Leaky Abstractions https://www.joelons...leaky-abstractions/
[pertinax, Jul 19 2022]


       Visual programing languages with flow charts, including with AI support, are WKTE.
Voice, Jul 18 2022

       Yes but are there any flow based programming languages that feel you are playing OpenTTD or transport tycoon? And cars and pipes/roads?
chronological, Jul 18 2022

       Not yet. However, what already exists is subject to the Law of Leaky Abstractions, and this idea, fine and half baked though it is, would make that problem worse.
pertinax, Jul 18 2022


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