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Loafer's Polaroid Monitor Screen

To others your screen is full of work. Only you can see what's really there.
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It looks like a radiation screen for your computer monitor.

It is.

But it uses polaroid optics in such a way that only when directly in front can you see through it to the pornsites youre surfing while at the office.

From over your shoulder your boss sees work material. This really is work material but it is a 10-second animated screen-capture.

Thus, you can loaf all you like, or until the contents of your in-tray topple & crush you.

JOC, Jun 17 2004

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       Po·lar·oid ( P ) Pronunciation Key (pl-roid)   

       A trademark used for a specially treated, transparent plastic capable of polarizing light passing through it, used in glare-reducing optical devices.
JOC, Jun 17 2004

       There's nothing stopping your boss remotely viewing your screen or monitoring your web traffic though. Assuming your boss is clueful enough, that is.
benjamin, Jun 18 2004

       I would say he is the boss and what was that quote about rising to levels of incompetence ....
engineer1, Jun 18 2004

       Polaroid is a company... you mean "polarized".
zigness, Jun 18 2004

       i'm at present negotiating with the polaroid company that they lease the design & produce the polarizing plastic screens for the screens & market the product under the polaroid brand. everyone wins! now go and get some fresh air.
JOC, Jun 21 2004

       JOC: we just logged your activity at the firewall - you're fired!
DrCurry, Jun 21 2004


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