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Magnifying Glass

out with the zoom...
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often while researching i come across scanned news paper articles where the text is too tiny to read...so to decipher the text i have to copy the picture into an editor and zoom in...

it would be great if we could have this virtual magnifying glass in our toolbar to magnify the text...with out all the copying pasting crap. it would work just like a regular magnifying glass does.

ya sure, people could just get smarter..but what the hey

scratchpost, Feb 24 2004

Magnifying glass in Windows ME http://www.microsof...ips/ao_usingmag.asp
[Klaatu, Oct 17 2004]


       If you have Windows ME, you have this already. <link>
Klaatu, Feb 24 2004

       And it's in Win2K.
sild, Feb 24 2004

       yup...i just saw it... nice. but it should still be like a magnifying glass (the mouse) cause i find i need to be quite shift-e with my eyes to use the tool
scratchpost, Feb 28 2004


       The Symantec C ++ development environment (circa 1994) contained a sample application that was exactly this thing.
zigness, Feb 28 2004


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