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Local Bottled Water

branded water is simply not vittel
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A 500ml bottle of branded water costs about £1.30 which is daylight robbery, as the same thing out of the tap costs a fraction of one pence (probably not even a pi-cent), and it's ecologically dodgy to be shifting water in bottles across continents.

So.. local bottled water

additional benefits : can be really fresh, fewer contaminants and... chlorine tasty.

neilp, Jul 25 2003

Fine, unless you live here... http://www.buxtonwater.co.uk/
[gnomethang, Oct 21 2004]

....or here. http://www.evian.fr/flash/index.html
[gnomethang, Oct 21 2004]

Or here http://www.malvern-...o.uk/schweppes.html
[jonthegeologist, Oct 21 2004]

I'll save your time http://www.bottledwater.org/
lots of bottled water [neilp, Oct 21 2004]


       Fine, unless you live in L.A.
snarfyguy, Jul 25 2003

       err.. don't buy LBW if you live in LA, or indeed anywhere where the local water sucks. or where there is no potable or running water.
neilp, Jul 25 2003

       Fee Fi Fo Fime, I Can Take Mispelling, And make it rhyme!
DeathNinja, Jul 25 2003

       Distribute it as a powder, just add tap water to get a glass of fresh spring water that lets you dream of your last vacation in the mountainss.
Ingredients: T107 fluorescent blue (gives clear appearence), Menthol (cool taste), Clorox (desinfectant)
Warning: Pregnant women should consult their physician before using this product.
kbecker, Jul 25 2003

snarfyguy, Jul 25 2003

       [kbecker]. I like your idea because if the brew is too strong you can always dilute it.
gnomethang, Jul 25 2003

       Ooh, powdered water. That's right up there with the solar powered flashlight and inflatable dart board. You're too clever for words, kbecker.   

       This idea demonstrates an ignorance about the various types of bottled water. Of course laws governing labeling may differ in the UK from the US laws, but here in the US, 'spring' water must be indeed that, from a underground natural spring source and is well worth the cost.   

       This idea is baked in the US. If it doesn't say 'spring' water on the label, it is almost certainly bottled tap water. Some brands are filtered, some have added minerals, but sans the word 'spring' on the label, you're drinking tap water. (This includes popular US brands like Dasani and Aquafina.)
waugsqueke, Jul 25 2003

       Distilled water doesn't say 'spring'
DeathNinja, Jul 25 2003

       That's because it's not spring water. I don't get your point.
waugsqueke, Jul 25 2003

       advice on the radio yesterday was to drink tap water and avoid bottled water because it could have been sat on the shelf for 2 years.   

       just checked, my pennine spring water has a best before date: March 2004.
po, Jul 26 2003

       [po] saw that too. Don't worry though, its all perfectly safe. I work for one of these water companies and 2 years is perfectly fine. No active ingredients to go off .... sterile sealed ... and a nitrogen cap so there is no oxygen in the bottle to make the water go off.
jonthegeologist, Jul 26 2003

       whats a nitrogen cap when its at home? lets see, hmm - oh yes, you are far enough away from the pennines for my peace of mind :)
po, Jul 26 2003

       [po] a nitrogen cap just means nitrogen is pumped into the top of the bottle to fill the gap between the water and the cap. This means that the bottle is pressurised a little so that it cannot be crushed in a vending machine... so you can then vend still water. It also means that there is v little oxygen in the bottle to turn the water over time.
jonthegeologist, Jul 26 2003

       oh ok. thanks
po, Jul 26 2003

       // just checked, my pennine spring water has a best before date: March 2004. //   

       Um, water doesn't go bad, po. They likely put that on there so you will go buy more water after March 2004. In the US, sell-by dates are legislated, as are nutrition facts (which, for spring water, are zeroes across the board).   

       Your radio host clearly has no clue of what they speak.
waugsqueke, Jul 26 2003

       £1.30 for a bottle of water? Bloody hell man, get out of London.   

       My maternal grandparents lived in a wee house on a croft in NW Scotland. The house had a burn running alongside it and they drew all their water from there. It tasted better than any water I have had before or since, despite its very brown peaty colour and the essence of dead sheep. When bottled, it was the most local bottled water ever. Crucially, it was also 100% free.
my face your, Jul 26 2003

       //Um, water doesn't go bad, po// then what was the advice on the radio all about? I understand that water itself has nothing to go off but there might very well be something lurking in the water that can multiply quite a bit in 2 years. I'm still after some water that contains a natural source of iron.   

       my 2 litre bottle costs 65p
po, Jul 26 2003

       No. Bottled water is pasteurized. There's nothing in the water that will go bad or they wouldn't be allowed to sell it.   

       I know this industry very well, btw. I know what I'm talking about. The radio report was scare-mongering, probably a consumer reporter that had to fill a show with something. That happens here too.
waugsqueke, Jul 26 2003

       got to agree with waug. I also work in this industry and can confirm that the water will be perfectly fine if drunk within the best before date.
jonthegeologist, Jul 26 2003

       jtg, added a link with the source (no pun) of the radio item.
po, Jul 26 2003

       it's not the quality I'm questioning.. it's the ridiculous profit margin and transportation.
neilp, Jul 26 2003

       [waug] : "There's nothing in the water that will go bad or they wouldn't be allowed to sell it."
I wonder whether that's entirely true. Cigarettes, nutrasweet, alcohol, guns.
neilp, Jul 26 2003

       //Cigarettes, nutrasweet, alcohol, guns//   

       That's Evian water, neilp.
Amos Kito, Jul 26 2003

       It's true waugs knows his water. Many an email about water we've exchanged. I'm serious.
thumbwax, Jul 26 2003

       agree, thumb. more water has passed than I care to think about. +1 any way ..
po, Jul 26 2003

       I can find no link for this claim so take it or leave it: The reason for expiration dates on bottled water is pathogen growth and plastic decomposition. To store it for longer it has to be distilled, sealed in glass, and kept in a cool dark place.   

       //chlorine tasty// Yummy?
Shz, Jul 28 2003


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