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Exotic Bottled Water

Acclimate your body to local water from around the world before travelling there.
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When I prepare to go on a trip to some semi-exotic locale, previous travellers always advise, "Its great but don't drink the water". And for good reason. My delicate GI tract is far too sensitive to be suddenly confronted with the flora and fauna never before encountered in the local water supply. I've observed, however, that the local people can drink the local water with aplomb, having become accustomed to it through continuous drinking over time. I would like to be able to buy bottled tap water at the drug store that comes from various locations around the world. Start with a drop a day and, over the course of several months, gradually build up to an entire bottle. Then, when travelling, no more worries about the source of drinking water or whether some delectable food item has been inadvertantly contaminated.

The proper warning labels for the very young, very old or immune compromised would apply of course.

riromero, May 02 2005

I will try this link for starters http://www.embassysnooker.com/
[po, May 03 2005]

snooker is just the bee's knees. http://news.bbc.co....snooker/4506627.stm
[po, May 03 2005]

Bar billiards http://www.tradgame...s/Bar-Billiards.htm
(The one with the mushrooms.) [angel, May 04 2005]


       Good plan. Maybe a tablet version could be used - sort of water depurifying tablets.
moomintroll, May 02 2005

       I wonder if some localities' waters are simply incompatible with each other. For example, perhaps immunity to bacteria A in water from Country Z makes you unable to tolerate bacteria B in Country Y.
phundug, May 02 2005

       Would foreign pathogens establish themselves in local waterways via the sewerage system via the imported water you speak of? 15 years ago you could drink out of every river in my country. Now you need bowels of steel due, in part, to foreign pathogens from tramping tourists. No offense of course - they didn't know what they were doing.
Texticle, May 02 2005

       Montezuma's Revenge, indeed.   

       You don't drink the water because it might kill you or leave you with lasting debilitation, not because it takes a while to acclimatize.
DrCurry, May 02 2005

       //to become an additional range at health food stores?// Junk food.
neilp, May 03 2005

       UB: just as harmful to the locals as it is to us. Look at New Zealand, for goodness' sake!
DrCurry, May 03 2005

       People around here seem to dislike the underground taste of the water. Sad.
reensure, May 03 2005

       A while ago, a few years, I had read that New York City's drinking--tap--water is considered to be amongst the best tasting in the U.S. I was skeptical as the water here in Seattle is quite good.   

       The next time I was in NYC, I made a point of tasting the water and, sure enough it was good.   

       In any case, maybe there's a market for different city tap waters bottled more as a trendy thing than a pre-visit preparation elixir. Or maybe even on tap.   

       "We have 23 different city waters on tap and another 54 bottled."
bristolz, May 03 2005

       What quality of water was used to grow the food we buy? Most farmers refuse to test their water or have the authorities test it for them at @$30 because it means government presence on private land.   

       Only thing worth bottling is cherry ale after being matured in oak barrels for three years.
mensmaximus, May 03 2005

       Cherry ale sounds horse-piss icky. Why would anyone bother to bottle it?
bristolz, May 03 2005

       Well, [bristolz], I'm not much for horse piss, but I happen to be brewing my fifth batch of cherry ale this week. It's wonderful stuff....if you like both cherries and ale.   

       Light on the hops, so it doesn't overpower the cherries, just a hint of sweetness, and you can make it in low-alcohol (lawnmower beer, they call that), or rocket fuel.   

       I've made both, and my mustang preferred the cherry to Samuel Adams, in a blind both-in-Samuels-bottles taste test.
normzone, May 03 2005

       Fords run on ale? I've heard of low compression but that stretches the limits of credibility.
bristolz, May 03 2005

       [Bristolz] How'd you know my mustang's name ? Have I mentioned him elsewhere on the 'bakery?   

       He was 5 when I adopted him....he taught me a lot. He's riding fence in Texas now.
normzone, May 03 2005

       Back to water then back to beer. In the future, bottled water is bound to be more inventive then now. Alkaline ionized water looks promising but it only lasts two hours.   

       Cherry ale, Dr. Pepper it's not. Two thirds through the bottle and a cherry elexir surrounds the drinker. Out there on the very cherry trail, this one is a hit with no pit.
mensmaximus, May 03 2005

       So the idea is to drink a lot of bottled water while you're home, but when you travel, stop drinking bottled water. Don't get the point. I'll drink regular water at home and stick with bottled when I'm away, thanks.
waugsqueke, May 03 2005

       This idea summary should be a disclaimer: Don't read the following if you're planning to go abroad any time soon.
reensure, May 03 2005

       In search of the perfect cherry, atop a thirty foot snow cherry tree in my youth, I had my sole spotting of a UFO, so many years ago.
mensmaximus, May 03 2005

       I think you need to take a very careful look at what you're hoping to acclimatise to: as [DrCurry] pointed out, some things you just can't tolerate.   

       With that caveat in place, neat idea [+]
DocBrown, May 03 2005

       [waug] ...Because in general I find it far more convenient a) to buy bottled water in places with stores than in places without and ii) to be sick at home than to be sick on the road.
riromero, May 03 2005

       Drinking water isn’t the only problem. If you can’t drink the water, you usually can’t eat the lettuce. I imagine this applies to some other high water content produce as well. My wilderness solution is adding a drop of iodine to the water, but I don’t know if that works globally.
Shz, May 03 2005

       I cannot believe that this community is discussing the merits of drinking water.
po, May 03 2005

       Well......I tried to drag the conversation over to beer, but you see how deeply interested they are.
normzone, May 03 2005

       come on, norm. up for a pint and a game of snooker?
po, May 03 2005

       [Normzone], thanks for sharing your sideline. I'll research the recipe. I know of a local micro-brewery on an organic farm. I'll enquire about making some cerise noir ale.
mensmaximus, May 03 2005

       [po], sounds great to me. You'll have to coach me on the snooker game.....isn't that what we yanks call pool, only there's mushrooms in the middle of the table?   

       [mensmaximus], add the fruit during the secondary fermentation, and drink it young, as the natural fruit flavors tend to degrade rapidly with age.
normzone, May 03 2005

       mens, pink black beer?   

       norm, no snooker is much more interesting and I cannot understand why the americans are not involved... let me find a link.   

       help required here to explain why snooker is the beautiful table game.
po, May 03 2005

       I'm looking for a picture of a pool table with all those mushroom thingies in the center and I can't find it.....   

       Hey, there's pun potential here.....Well, pool.....We're still talking about water.
normzone, May 03 2005

       no mushrooms in pool, just pockets.   

       my question is: why don't the americans enter the World Snooker Championships? don't you play?
po, May 03 2005

       We play, we call it pool over here, but I suspect there are rules variations where ever you go. It's even on television [lucky me, I don't watch TV but a few times a year].   

       I'm a tyro at it, but I'll buy the bitters.
normzone, May 03 2005

       pool = snooker? no way!
po, May 03 2005

       [po] Ummm... I'll claim that discussions of drinking water (or paint drying, or grass growing, or whatever) is slightly more interesting than discussions of snooker, billiards or pool.
riromero, May 03 2005

riromero, May 03 2005

       OK, I did some homework and learned that snooker involves hitting balls of several different colors around on a felt surface, and that pool involves hitting balls of several different colors around on a felt surface. Scoring and other rules vary considerably.   

       In the absence of any other loyalties, I'm going to assume that snooker is more fun because [po] plays it.   

       So what is the game with the mushroom-shaped bumpers in the middle of the table, and what kind of water is drunk while playing it?
normzone, May 03 2005

       bar billiards and beer?   

       must be all these mushrooms that have caused us to veer off topic.
po, May 04 2005

       [norm] - What you have to remember when agreeing to play snooker is that it's played on a table that's 12'x6'. For your average pool player (me) that makes it feel a little like playing on a football pitch. I just don't have that kind of accuracy.
wagster, May 04 2005

       See linky for details of bar billiards (marginally less mind-numbingly tedious than other versions of table marbles).
angel, May 04 2005

       My favorite pool game as a teen was to sneak into the officers mess at the local armories after school and hit the balls with the palm of my hand as they sat against the table's curb. This would impart a terrible spin to the balls that would make them arc out madly on the table and hopefully dunk into the far corner pocket. I became quite accurate and the balls would leap off the table sometimes and bounce on the stone floor. The caretaker would start coming way down the hall so I would have to sneak out of the building. They must have thought it was old war ghosts.
mensmaximus, May 04 2005


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