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Locomotive generator

For off-grid tasks
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Portable generators are used when no mains power is available - either quickly, economically, or both.

If vehicle access is possible then there's no great problem in transporting a unit to site.

But sometimes, there's no vehicle access; and even a generator of only a few kilowatts output is heavy and unwieldy.

What's needed is the BorgCo Generator Transporter. This is a compact tracked chassis containing an electric motor and some control circuitry.

Lift the genny onto the chassis and lash it down. Plug the cable from the chassis into the outlet socket, and start the motor. Et viola ! The assembly trundles away at walking pace, steered from the simple control panel on a trailing lead.

At site, you don't even need to dismount the generator, and with bigger units it can even tow a little tracked fuel bowser.

8th of 7, Jul 12 2017

Goliath Tracked Mine https://en.wikipedi...oliath_tracked_mine
Similar idea. [8th of 7, Jul 14 2017]


       I will pre order three of these.   

       Ok if wheels will get you there. An ambulatory platform could be used for rugged terrain.
bhumphrys, Jul 13 2017

       Wheels ? Presumably you missed the bit about the // compact tracked chassis // ?   

       By the way, there are two motors, not one. It makes the whole thing much easier to design, build and control.
8th of 7, Jul 14 2017

       Your presumption was correct, sirs.
bhumphrys, Jul 14 2017

       If your internal-combustion powered, electric motor-driven mobile generator could be used to provide electrical power for a remote oil drill, you would perhaps have created the most recursive energy system yet.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 14 2017

       A quick google search shows that the hybrid electric tanks are under development. One site mentioned 1100kW electrical output. I'm sure that's not in 240V AC, but adding a drop in power converter that could take the place of the ammunition storage seems reasonable. These could be great for the US National Guard to use since they mostly help out with disaster relief locally, but could deploy these for battle if needed.
scad mientist, Jul 15 2017

       Thinking ahead to good times just around the corner when CORVID-19 has been beaten:   

       This idea, perhaps with a Boston Dynamics platform rather than tracked vehicle, could be used to transport a hot dog or ice cream stand into an otherwise inaccessible area such as near the top of Blencathra on a busy bank holiday.   

       Tasteless- maybe, but Imagine the commercial opportunity.
bhumphrys, Apr 12 2020

       // when CORVID-19 has been beaten //   

       That will be something to crow about, no doubt.   

       Powered "tracked wheelbarrows" using small internal combustion engines are Baked and WKTE. One could easily be adapted.   

       The point of this idea is to ease the transport of generating plant which is far more powerful than that required simply to self-relocate.   

       // near the top of Blencathra //   

       Just use a helicopter; fine for freight, only the pilot is at risk, and since all helo pilots are insane they're no loss.
8th of 7, Apr 12 2020


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