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Personal windfarm

An emergency power source
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You know those rectangular window fans? The ones that have two small fans side-by-side? Okay, we steal that form factor, but use it for generating electricity.

Batteries in the base provide the weight to keep the thing from blowing away in high winds. Rectifiers keep us from having to worry which way the wind is coming from.

Yeah, it doesn't turn to face the wind like a windmill, but you can't put a windmill in the top of your closet.

Gang a bunch together and maybe you can keep your refrigerator going for another day.

phoenix, Sep 20 2003

For Info http://www.halfbake...0Antarctic_20breeze
The same idea a couple of days later [suctionpad, Oct 04 2004]


       I thought that was a device built into a persons chair. Sometimes I could run a full AC system on that.
kbecker, Sep 21 2003

       From the title, I had envisioned this as a jacket with a heating element (like an electric blanket) powered entirely by those colourful, plastic windmills that you buy for kids.
DrBob, Sep 23 2003

       My closet never gets that windy.   

       I could envision it working at the top of a Chicago skyscaper, but on the ground floor the system could generate a few volts of power at most.
lebobtheavenger, Feb 27 2005


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