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Logical Wigs of Tea

Wigs to keep your tea-pot warm
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A good cup of tea needs to brew in a good tea-pot.

A good tea-pot needs to be kept warm.

Hair keeps the head warm.

Therefore a good tea-pot needs to wear a wig.

xenzag, Mar 21 2007

Knitty.com http://www.knitty.c...ATTkureyonkozy.html
Fairly similar idea that has been about for a little while, a knitted garment that keeps pots cosy! [FussyPedant, Mar 21 2007]

Wig of Judgment http://www.24hourmu...mages/2006_2585.JPG
time for tea [xenzag, Mar 21 2007]

http://www.lindablo...pages/DSC_0015.html [hippo, Mar 21 2007]

Tea Wig of Doom http://www.voiceove.../cup%20of%20tea.jpg
This lady looks like she just put the Tea-Wig on by accident. [theleopard, Mar 21 2007]

Is this you [xenzag]? http://carrieoke.ne...octpics/knitwig.jpg
Because this will be forever how I imagine you. [theleopard, Mar 21 2007]


       Teafro earns you a bun.
methinksnot, Mar 21 2007

       Tea Cosy does not equal wig.   

       A wig can be combed, permed and styled.   

       A good tea-pot can have ears, and a nose to complement.   

       Therefore a good tea-pot needs a wig. Q.E.D.
xenzag, Mar 21 2007

       Personally, I would not trust the Quebec English Dictionary on such a matter.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 21 2007

       "logical wigs of tea". It has the rhythm of a nursery rhyme verse.
bungston, Mar 21 2007

       I'm gunna bun the name.
emjay, Mar 21 2007

       Every time [xenzag] succeeds, A little something in me dies.   

m_Al_com, Mar 21 2007

       ... death of a thousand cups in this instance
xenzag, Mar 21 2007

       How do you counter infestations?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 21 2007

       ddt of course
xenzag, Mar 21 2007

       Tea-cosies are widely known to exist (in the UK). Particularly fine example linked.
hippo, Mar 21 2007

       [hippo] everyone knows cosies are knitted, not plaited.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 21 2007

       ok then [hippo] find me one made of hair that looks like a wig.... waits while tea stews
xenzag, Mar 21 2007

       By the same token shouldn't we all be wearing tea cosies on our heads? QED etc.
theleopard, Mar 21 2007

       OK [xenzag] - mfd withdrawn
[AWL] That one *is* knitted!
hippo, Mar 21 2007

       [hippo] precisely my point - a hair cosy would be plaited, so the "widely known to exist" is not true and the now retracted [m-f-d] was bogus.
QED, bitch.

Maybe legal logical wigs of tea, made from horsehair, and reserved for members of the Bar?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 21 2007

       //QED, bitch// ...[AWL] always wondered why he was kicked out of the debating society...
hippo, Mar 21 2007

       Hell, [hippo]. That teacosy really *is* posh. It buttons up the back!   

       Tea and buns for the name.+   

       One problem I see with the actual idea is that wigs have a gap at the front for looking out of. Therefore, although bewigged on the back, top and sides, my teapot's face will be naked leading to untimely tea cooling.
squeak, Mar 21 2007

       // By the same token shouldn't we all be wearing tea cosies on our heads? QED etc.   

       We do, they're called hats, though perhaps we should call them "head cosies" in this context. Although, once the tea is in our mouths, the hat might be argued to be cosying the tea too. The need for hats suggests that hair (at least human hair) is not that effective at insulating at a temperature difference of 70 degrees celsius plus. I would be more won over with "The logical sheepskin of tea"...   

       Nonetheless, a bun for the mental picture of a tea-pot for Cousin Itt
TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 21 2007


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