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marinade napalm

cook and flavour
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you would spread the gel onto your chicken or pork or whatever meat you are cooking (using protective gloves), leave it out in the open for half an hour and after this period of time a chemical reaction with the air would render the solution harmless to touch and put in your mouth and eat and it would cook and flavour your meal
panthaz paradise, Jun 03 2001


       "Smells like victory, tastes like chicken..."
bookworm, Jun 04 2001

       What if we surrounded the dead bird in wood pulp and seasonings and then poured hydrogen peroxide on it (not drugstore hydrogen peroxide, which is an aqueous solution of something like 2%, but the real thing)? The wood pulp would char, releasing heat, and maybe burst into flame, and the bird would cook and end up tasting like the most expensive smoked pheasant...or perhaps like burnt wood. Hmmm. Maybe damp wood pulp--would it steam the bird, or would it just not ignite? Must do research. Very interesting, Panthaz Paradise.
Dog Ed, Jun 04 2001

       There must be a market for "Agent L'Orange", for use with duck?
Spidergoat, Jun 04 2001

       Hey UnaBubba - that sounds like the same thing as ceviche, the Mexican dish made by marinating raw fish (with other stuff) in lime juice until it is, in effect, "cooked" by the citric acid? I ate it all the time when I was in Mexico - delicious!
snarfyguy, Jun 04 2001

       [Dog Ed] Wouldn't the peroxide pretty much dissolve the chicken? It's been awhile since I was in chemistry, so I'm not sure.
MrSheep, Dec 04 2002


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