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London Halfcon

Buy Guinness, Single Malt and Toast
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I, for one, will be there. How are we all fixed for, ooh, about Sunday 29th April?


gnomethang, Apr 10 2012

Yes, the category is appropriate Jinbish
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 11 2012]

QuizWalk: The Hunters Hunt http://quizwalks.co...s/qwdetail1201.html
QuizWalks: "We organise short walks in Surrey, England approximately every three weeks through the summer months. You may have seen small groups of us wandering around with sheets of paper and puzzled expressions. Then there’s groans or roars of laughter and everyone moves on. " [Dub, Apr 11 2012]


       Will remotely raise a glass at the appropriate juncture.
calum, Apr 10 2012

       Raises pretend glass, if only, she said. :-(
blissmiss, Apr 10 2012

       Aye to that. Schlante, you limey bastards.
Alterother, Apr 10 2012

DrCurry, Apr 10 2012

       I'm sorry, is that inappropriate? It's a traditional toast in my family.
Alterother, Apr 10 2012

       I'm guessing that wouldn't go over too well.
rcarty, Apr 10 2012

       Oh, you've met my family?
Alterother, Apr 11 2012

       pencilled in diary...
po, Apr 11 2012

       sp. slàinte
calum, Apr 11 2012

       Up yours!   

       (Err... what [Alterother] said. It's a traditional toast, meaning "Raise your glass!", among my friends and me. Except for the part about the friends.)
spidermother, Apr 11 2012

       I think you'll find that DrCurry was referring to the idea category not being appropriate.
DrBob, Apr 11 2012

       //DrCurry was referring to the idea category not being appropriate//
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 11 2012

       God, has it been a year already?
theleopard, Apr 11 2012

       Yikes, [Curry] and [UnaBubba] back in the same week...is this a conspiracy?

       Give my regards to London!! xoxo
xandram, Apr 11 2012

       Thanks, [calum]. Nobody ever wrote it down for me, and, to be perfectly frank, after the fifth or sixth toast of Redbreast there isn't a single member of my family who cares about spelling.
Alterother, Apr 11 2012

       [Abs], well spotted.
[po], are you sure? Check your pencil.

       I'm due here [linky], that day. I don't suppose we could combine the two events (given that QuizWalks are fantastic fun and they start and finishe at country pubs)?
Dub, Apr 11 2012

       Take a straw poll here Dub. We can always move the date to e.g. Saturday or other. Thought it might be nice to have a get together is all. Re the Quizwlak - I will look into the public transport extension from London.
gnomethang, Apr 11 2012

       quizwlak? wlak this way? there's a joke there somewhere...   

       Dub says I can't make the 29th...
po, Apr 11 2012

       Saturday or Sunday (I'd approve of weekdays if necessary, but realise it's not always possible) I'm very keen for us to establish some form of regular remembrance on this date (or therabouts) - the location, at least for me, should be the Marquiss, or one of those other places we all visited together at one time or another. Consider my straw polled. Slàinte Mhath!
zen_tom, Apr 11 2012

       [zen_tom], I suspect your pencil may be a lttle off, too. But I agree. The Marquiss and that concept, date and place.Sad I can't be there.
[gnomethang], I only now realise you probably spotted the significance of the date before I did. Sorry
Dub, Apr 11 2012

       Ah yes I see, no can't do Saturday then - still up for Sunday though if enough straw is polled.
zen_tom, Apr 15 2012

       Yes, 29th might well be doable
hippo, Apr 15 2012

       I found out that I'm half British and can apply for citizenship... and I still can't make it.

       It's not fair. Monarchists get all the fun.   

       // I found out that I'm half British //
One instinctively knows these things, shirley?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 17 2012

       sp. ".5 instinctively knows [...]"
pertinax, Apr 17 2012

       If the weekend is off limits to most then please can we suggest alternatives. I'm with[zentom] on this one - I think we should be getting together around this time but it doesn't have to be at the weekend.
gnomethang, Apr 17 2012

       //One instinctively knows these things, shirley?//   

       Heh, not when your old man books when you're seven you don't, and if his hill-billy father didn't believe in registering his own brats it kind of leaves you out of the loop. Come to think of it he didn't believe in electricity or in-door plumbing either... bullets though, he believed in bullets a lot.
But I digress.

       I kind of always suspected...
Turns out I'm descended from one of your prime ministers. Stanley Baldwin to be precise.
...yay me

       ...and still, I can't make it.
I'm already there in spirit if that counts, and I raise a toast to the health and happiness of you all ... just not in person.


<dun-duhn dhaaaaa>

       Is this still happening? I should be in London this weekend, t'would be great to see you all.
mitxela, Apr 25 2012

       Hi [mixtela] I hope so - I'd like to plan on getting there sometime in the early afternoon - maybe around 3ish? (But encourage negotiation if that doesn't suit anyone else) I can't promise to stay the course till late, (school-day Monday) but will certainly raise a glass or two.
zen_tom, Apr 25 2012

       OK - Sunday p.m. for about 3 ish is good for me.
gnomethang, Apr 25 2012

       Okay, so that's 7:00 in the morning San Diego time? I'll heist a point...er, hoist a pint.
normzone, Apr 25 2012

       At 10pm Sunday in Perth I will raise my cup of warm cocoa towards the West Northwest.
AusCan531, Apr 26 2012

       I'll probably have my lappy there so may well upload something of the attendance.
gnomethang, Apr 26 2012

       I like how this resembles a loosely organized pub-crawl more than an actual mini-convention. I'll pour out a glass of something old and Irish in salutation.
Alterother, Apr 26 2012

       Loosely Organised?. How very dare you! ;-)
I'll be setting up the "Buy me a Beer dot com" account and will sit back and reap the rewards from those that can't attend. Think of it as a type of forfeit.
You should see the prices there as well!
gnomethang, Apr 26 2012

       Alright, a very well-organized pub crawl. This is a gathering of 'bakers, after all, I should know better.
Alterother, Apr 26 2012

       I'll calculate a great circle bearing to y'all and wave.
We'll be out visiting Jerith that day... I hadn't realized the dates coincided.
lurch, Apr 26 2012

       send our love...
po, Apr 26 2012

       I'll accept "semi-organised"!
gnomethang, Apr 26 2012

       I'd accept 'being there'. Alas, our land is too vast for such an event to be practicable on a mass-attendance scale. I'd love to host one; my home is large, my workshop larger, and filled with lovely tools for impromptu 'baking sessions, and the mountainous setting is peaceful and serene when we're not firing guns off the back porch. But my location is remote even by the standards of the state I live in. Even if Halfcon: North America were held somewhere central, like Chicago, many of us would be traveling 500+ miles to be there.
Alterother, Apr 26 2012

       Hmmph. [pertinax] and I would have a 2700km (1650 miles) drive to get to Perth's nearest neighboring city of Adelaide. Once there, [spidermother] would probably then just correct my conversion calculations. (He'd be right as usual, though). Enjoy, GB bakers.
AusCan531, Apr 26 2012

       If the pub has brew that's accidentally been put into the fridge, hoist one for me... elsewise sip and make exaggerated gagging noises. "cheers" in spirit if not spirits. :)
FlyingToaster, Apr 27 2012

       Ok, ok, that's 4866 miles, 38 degrees true. That's to the place where my last English-born ancestor got to spend 4 years as a guest of the King, after a disagreement with the King's Fine and Grasping NewHampshirish Governor Cranfield. Your Pubbery May Differ; hopefully it's more cheerful and pleasant.   

       If, however, you are not permitted to leave (like great^7 grampa Ed) until you have proven yourselves "a lunatick", well, we're here for ya', and we've got the evidence.   


       The neighbors think I'm weird. Actually, I should have calculated a chord. I could wave at the ground and tell 'em it's Ed's fault.
lurch, Apr 28 2012

       So - 3pm, at the Marquess of Anglesey? As a newbie to these meetings it's not beyond me to turn up at the wrong pub.
mitxela, Apr 28 2012

       Thats the one - just off Covent Garden/Bow Street. I'm gettting the 14:02 from Medway so should be there just after 3pm. See y'all there.
gnomethang, Apr 29 2012

       Excellent, I'll set out in a moment. I'm wearing a bandanna and a lumberjack shirt.
mitxela, Apr 29 2012

       Hope you're wearing more than that [mitxela]. The Halfdresser's convention is 3 pubs down.
AusCan531, Apr 29 2012

       Sorry guys, gentle off-gassing for me after a day under the local lake.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 29 2012

       Thanks guys for a thoroughly good afternoon.
zen_tom, Apr 30 2012

       Good stuff.   

       I'm ashamed that I couldn't attend this fine meeting this time. However living in a tree in the middle of no-where presents a traversing problem,plus I'm skint.   

       Hopefully next time,I miss the meet ups.
skinflaps, Apr 30 2012

       [skinflaps] yes, hope so - it's been far too long!
zen_tom, Apr 30 2012

       Cheers to [ZT] and [mitxela] for a real fun evening. Sorry if the food wasn't quite up to scratch - it was at the arse end of Chinatown but has the advantage of being unfussy with decent portions!   

       [absinthe] no worries but would be good to see you again. My local lake where I did my diver training was about 9m deep if you took a shovel - biggest problem was not hitting the surface again! - so I don't know about the degassing!
gnomethang, Apr 30 2012

       Since it was so early I had a coffee stout. It too, was offgassing. Diving is fun.
normzone, Apr 30 2012

       [skinflaps] - another who would be good to see again. When we are next in town pls contact - if we can get you there don't worry about the rest - "Its a Beer Thang!"
gnomethang, Apr 30 2012


       I'm just waiting for Virgin Time travel,then I'll be able to attend the last one.
skinflaps, May 01 2012

       //My local lake where I did my diver training was about 9m deep if you took a shovel //
Yeah, this one's about the same, but a friend of mine got the bends there a couple of years ago and spent time in the chamber, and I've been extra careful ever since, especially doing CESAs.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 01 2012

       I no someone who did the same - pretty hard deep dive the Saturday then spent a lot of the Sunday orienteering/training in 9 m of water and ended up in the lobster pot!
gnomethang, May 01 2012


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