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Jinbish died suddenly early yesterday morning, of cancer-related complications.

I will be paying tribute by performing a rendition of “Run To The Hills” on the Vuvuzela Bagpipes. Feel free to join in once you’ve picked up the tune.

calum, Apr 29 2011

Jinbish http://www.halfbakery.com/user/Jinbish
[Dub, Apr 29 2011]

Small Remembrance in KCL on 3rd May, at 2PM http://www.facebook...eid=104749056278269
Facebook listed Event at King's College, London. [Dub, Apr 30 2011]

KCL Contact page for location of the Strand Campus http://www.kcl.ac.uk/Contactus.aspx
[Dub, Apr 30 2011]

A rather poignant toast Halfbakery_27s_20be...I_27ve_20ever_20had
in 2003 [blissmiss, Apr 30 2011]

The man himself https://flic.kr/p/5hDFNR
[calum, Apr 28 2021]


       John was too good and rounded and interesting a person for listing his characteristics to be any kind of tribute, so, if I may, I’ll tell you three stories about him.   

       When he and I were oil-faced students, we did what students do – we played pool. He beat me comprehensively and routinely. Until one night, after many unbroken hours of playing, I was up, by 15 games to 14, having had the game of my life. John put his 50ps on the table edge and said “Right, two more games.” He won both of them, snatching victory from me. I didn’t mind. This was pure John: good at pool, yes, but - more importantly - a true gentleman, so utterly free from gloating or condescension that even if you were, like I am, competitive to the point of stupidity, losing to him felt exactly as good as beating him.   

       And then, years later, the stag party smashed and scattered across the backstreets of pre-dawn Barcelona, it was John we called to get us home. He’d made it back to the apartment, of course, because he could handle his booze. And it was his phone that we rang, waking him to ask, drunk and barely comprehensible, “John, where are you?”, “John, where’s the apartment?” and “John, where am I?” He guided this last drunk home by getting him to locate the newly-risen sun in the sky and describe the view in relation to the sun’s position. This was pure John: practical and inspired and concerned for all of us.   

       And then, not quite three years ago, on the banks of Loch Lomond, there’s John getting married, very much in love. He wrote his own vows. They were beautiful and honest and he performed them perfectly – directly to his bride, looking in her eyes, yes, but the showman in him made sure that all those present got the full benefit of his words and his feelings. He wasn’t performing for the sake of performing, he was performing because wanted everyone to know – to hear and understand – what he felt for his new wife. This was pure John: romantic, loving and true.   

       Our thoughts and prayers go to his wife, and his family and all his friends.
calum, Apr 29 2011

po, Apr 29 2011

jonthegeologist, Apr 29 2011

hazel, Apr 29 2011

zen_tom, Apr 29 2011

RayfordSteele, Apr 29 2011

pertinax, Apr 29 2011

hippo, Apr 29 2011

Dub, Apr 29 2011


xaviergisz, Apr 29 2011

AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 29 2011

theircompetitor, Apr 29 2011

8th of 7, Apr 29 2011

rcarty, Apr 29 2011

DenholmRicshaw, Apr 29 2011

gisho, Apr 29 2011

nineteenthly, Apr 29 2011

blissmiss, Apr 29 2011

reensure, Apr 29 2011

xandram, Apr 29 2011

lostdog, Apr 29 2011

MechE, Apr 29 2011

       Thanks for letting us know :(
normzone, Apr 29 2011

       Condolences to Cat and Cal.
blissmiss, Apr 29 2011

       Travel safe.
wagster, Apr 29 2011

       Well-said, bro.   

       We'll all miss him so much. I've been going through old photos and laughing at the ones in our kitchen with him looking impish and oh so cheeky.   

       And the ones in Edinburgh with you, me, zentom, moominply and JB himself.   

       I'm glad you posted this. It gives us all somewhere to remember him together.
salachair, Apr 29 2011

hidden truths, Apr 29 2011

FlyingToaster, Apr 29 2011

Klaatu, Apr 29 2011

       Very sad news
DrCurry, Apr 29 2011

daseva, Apr 29 2011

DrBob, Apr 29 2011

neilp, Apr 29 2011

skinflaps, Apr 29 2011

egbert, Apr 29 2011

       . (Jinbish was certainly a guy who knew how to come up with really great halbaked ideas...a legend here at the halfbakery no doubt, he will definitely be remembered)
quantum_flux, Apr 29 2011

       My condolences to Jinbish's family and friends.
kaz, Apr 29 2011

mouseposture, Apr 29 2011

Letsbuildafort, Apr 30 2011

csea, Apr 30 2011

jutta, Apr 30 2011

theleopard, Apr 30 2011

       So very sorry to hear this. He'll be missed.
phoenix, Apr 30 2011

       So sorry to hear this.
phundug, Apr 30 2011

spidermother, Apr 30 2011

afinehowdoyoudo, Apr 30 2011

       I had the best idea ever once, worked it up in my mind 'til it was perfect, did a search just on the slim chance that somebody else had thought of it, and found [Jinbish] had done it before and better.   

       Now [calum] tells me he did his wedding the way I'd wanted to do mine.   

       My hat is off, and over my heart.   

baconbrain, Apr 30 2011

       . Doesn't seem nearly enough to acknowledge the passing of a man I've known and admired for over ten years, I think, through this forum. I'm sorry that I had not been a better friend to him this past year, and that I never got to see him in his kilts. God bless you, John. Our world is a bit dimmer without ye.
jurist, Apr 30 2011

       His ideas list is an amazing elegy.
pocmloc, Apr 30 2011

infidel, Apr 30 2011

       Very sad loss to all. His family should find comfort in the knowledge that he had so many supporters and friends here.
xenzag, Apr 30 2011

fridge duck, Apr 30 2011

       And on facebook. So many have left here, and moved on. Forgotten passwords, or angry words. But many there have left there [.] too. And would toss up a bun if at all possible. So add them to the list, as well.
blissmiss, Apr 30 2011

       Speaking of Facebook, it seems that there's a short Remembrance for John organized by students, AFAICT. [Linky]   

       This from Justin, one of the organizers.   

       " 03 May · 14:00 - 15:00 Location Outduction, KCL, EJ Safra   

       On Tuesday there is just an outduction for students at kings college. We will be collecting money for a wreath/charity when everyone leaves. Maybe I left the wrong message in the event summary. I have a feeling one of the teachers will say a few words. It will be a session for students asking questions about upcoming exams than anything else. Just want to let you know incase you were expecting something else. Nonetheless come by if you'd like.   

       If you do decide to come it will be at the Strand Campus. The room is k6.29. Just ask reception when you arrive and they'll point out which direction to go.   

       Location: [Linky 2]   

       Regards, Justin"   

       Perhaps, if people are about, we could rustle-up a London Halfcon afterwards?
Dub, Apr 30 2011

jaksplat, Apr 30 2011

XSarenkaX, Apr 30 2011

       Thankyou [po] <link> .
FlyingToaster, Apr 30 2011

       . FFS!
gnomethang, Apr 30 2011

MikeD, Apr 30 2011

       Now I'm sitting here, before the screen   

       The empty office the baker's dream   

       The ideas that I should have seen   

       But they've withered now they're baked   

       But I'm steady thinking my way is clear,   

       And I know what I will do tomorrow   

       When the ideas are taken and the pigs have flown   

       I will disappear.   


       <with apologies to Dougie Mclean>   

       — Jinbish, May 12 2003
blissmiss, Apr 30 2011

Canuck, Apr 30 2011

lurch, May 01 2011

methinksnot, May 02 2011

PeterSilly, May 03 2011

       [Dub], [gnomethang] and myself toasting the mighty Bish now in The Marquess of Anglesey, a place of note and renown as the location where JB would visit us London folk were he down on a visit.   

       A fine, gentle, and most excellent man, sorely missed by us all.
zen_tom, May 03 2011

       so sorry, very sad.
dentworth, May 03 2011

       *raises glass*
calum, May 03 2011

ytk, May 03 2011

4whom, May 03 2011

       What [zen_tom] said. Three of us and one more is quorate.
Guinness and single malts were toasted
Ideas were bruited and a few sniffles were had .
I did have my Ukulele but didn't have the chords for 'Run to the Hills'.
Must try harder.
Cheers Jinbish and cheers Calum.
gnomethang, May 03 2011

       Fine memories. Good company. Nice playing [Gnome] - Nice of you to have brough a half-guitar along ;) . Bun
Dub, May 04 2011

Voice, May 04 2011

       //I did have my Ukulele but didn't have the chords for 'Run to the Hills'.//
"A gentleman, it has been said, is someone who can play the ukulele but has the good taste not to"

       Sorry I couldn't make it.
coprocephalous, May 04 2011

       God bless you coprocephalus! Hang on, did I spell the second word correctly? ;-)
gnomethang, May 04 2011

       Let me leap to [gnome]'s defence to say that he had to be coerced to play, and that hardly anybody in the pub tried to throw empty beer bottles at him, when he did. Though [Zen_tom] did have a roll of chickenwire at his disposal if things turned nasty.
Dub, May 04 2011

       Just been alerted to this oh-so-sad news. I only met John once, when we had a little minicon up in Edinburgh... never having met anyone before, I instantly felt among friends, and that's how I shall remember him - raising a toast with his little finger sticking out.   

       Sad news indeed.
moomintroll, May 05 2011

       I took a break from this site for about a month, and when I logged back on today, I looked at the custom view that Jinbish made for me last year, showing the top 25 recent ideas. This was the first one that showed up.   

       I'll miss him.   

DrWorm, May 09 2011

       Unfortunately, I never met him. My bad.
infidel, May 10 2011

       Bog! My condolences to his friends and family.
Zimmy, May 11 2011

angel, Jul 05 2011

squeak, Jul 05 2011

       Happy half-birthday, and full condolences to friends and family who continue to mourn this loss.
blissmiss, Jul 19 2011

       July 19. On this day:
Jinbish born
Galway liberated from Indians
Marathon becomes Snickers
Aha Ted, ice age ends.
calum, Jul 19 2011

po, Jul 19 2011

       Thanks Calum - I had a reminder on FB and I again stopped and thought.
gnomethang, Jul 20 2011

       Only just stopped by and saw this. God bless all those he leaves behind.
david_scothern, Sep 14 2012

       time flies by so quickly - we lose touch so lightly like a butterfly wing fluttering and tasting our skin and flying away......... kisses.... never to be forgotten ...
po, Sep 14 2012

       Thinking about John today. <3
salachair, Mar 07 2013

       Love you Cat! xoxoxo
xandram, Mar 07 2013

       Every time I see London's Shard, it makes me think of John - I don't know how I came to make the association, but imagine that he'd have been enthusiastic about its completion.
zen_tom, Mar 07 2013

       It's funny, the number of things you associate with a person, and how you don't notice those associations until the person is gone: Strathclyde University; table tennis; Poirot; setting jumpers on fire with electrical sparks (true story); sitting down; Barcelona; the words "obsidian" and "shaft"; sauce; loads of different bits of Glasgow; Rodney Jack; the Anthill Mob; the height requirements for representing the nation of Africa (true story)...
calum, Mar 07 2013

       You're right, [calum]. Every time I feel I could do with a good sit down, I think of John. He did love a good sit down.
salachair, Mar 08 2013

       Another ice age ends and life rolls on.
calum, Jul 19 2015

       lovely video Ian. chuckling at a horizontal [h]!
po, Jul 20 2015

       :) Cheers, [Ian Tindale]. Some lateral thinking going on, obviously. Happier times. Could do with a halfcon sometime.
Great photo, [po]
Dub, Jul 21 2015

       Great video!
21 Quest, Jul 21 2015

       UK + US + Can + Aus Halfcon, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, on an island preferably, lounge chairs, cabana boys and alcohol for those who partake. I see it in our future, (lives).
blissmiss, Jul 21 2015

       Was this a secret gathering, was I not invited? Did you all go away and have an exciting adventure without me?   

       Anyway, back to the sober reality of the loss of jinbish. :-(
blissmiss, Jul 21 2015

       Thanks Ian for that video, it is great to revisit old friends of the Halfbakery and Multiply.
dentworth, Jul 21 2015

miggavin, Dec 01 2015

       Yes, thanks [IanT]...Tom and Andrew look like such youngin's there! I guess we were all much younger then, too! hb lives on!
xandram, Dec 01 2015

       Ten years. He didn't seem young to us then.
calum, Apr 28 2021

       wow - ten years...
hippo, Apr 28 2021

       Gone but never forgotten. Thank you, calum, for reminding us.   

       So much sorrow with the passing of recent halfbakers, I tend to forget to go back and honor those who left the bakery way too soon.
blissmiss, Apr 28 2021

zen_tom, Apr 28 2021

hazel, Apr 28 2021

DrBob, Apr 28 2021

calum, Jul 19 2023


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