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Long Sleves with "garters"

Protection from sun without overheating you
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Tried to wear a long sleeve shirt and a t shirt today. Started to overheat. Bake or fry seems to be the choice.

So maybe just the t-shirt and a pair of long sleeves. And whatever buttons or garters or zippers so the sleeves will stay in place.

Must be baked somewhere. But not as a mass market. More a work clothes option to stop sun related skin cancer, than a fashion gewgaw.

popbottle, May 03 2014


       Google "arm warmers" bicycling. WKTE, unfortunately.
normzone, May 03 2014

       Welders sleeves , elasticized on the upper ends, are used in place of heavy clothing in hot climates. Pretty heavy fabric, though.
cudgel, May 03 2014


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