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Hoodies with Built in CD Player

Headphones in the hood.
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Dont you hate walking around, listening to music, with the headphone wire dangling around, getting caught on everything? Dont you hate having to take off your headphones when your finished? Don't you just want it to be easier? Well, with this, it is. In this hoodie, there will be headphones built in to hood, one speaker for each ear. The wire that connect it to the CD player would be inside the fabric, and it leads down to the front pocket (that your hands go into.) Inside that front pocket is a place for you put your CD's in. There will also be a controller to change the song, volume, and whether its on or off. Please check the link below if you are wondering about how it could be washed.
Voodoo721, Jan 16 2005

Scott eVest http://www.scottevest.com
Similar product. Beware flash-heavy site. [Acme, Jan 17 2005]


       Hm. Is the dangling headphone of which you speak the wire itself, from appliance to headphone? If yes, then offer my solution; I tend to run the cable up inside my smoking jacket, to stop it swinging and getting caught in something.
calum, Jan 16 2005

       I think this is sellable to the point of being produced and could catch on as a fad, but it seems like a terrible idea technically, and just asking for electronics to be damaged in the wash or grow terribly grubby (maybe you can take the electronics out, but you'll just know that'll be cumbersome and forgotten).   

       What I could see catching on is 1. an exactly iPod-shaped pocket; 2. a channel for the ipod headphone wire to keep it out of the way, maybe with velcro, zippers, or buttons.
jutta, Jan 17 2005

       This is baked to a crisp.
contracts, Jan 17 2005

       o yea, i never thought about the washing o_0 well, who washes their hoodies anyway i mean.... ahem yo contracts, is that good or bad?
Voodoo721, Jan 17 2005

       Misread the title. Thought it had something to do with plastic surgery for the physically somewhat underendowed women.
Susan, Jan 17 2005

       You're on to something, Susan: mood music for intimate moments...
biff, Aug 09 2006

       Actually, I read in a magazine about breast implants with an mp3 in them. I forgot the name of the magazine, along with my credibility.
notmarkflynn, Aug 09 2006

       This idea is already made. I've seen it on several types of clothing, backpacks, and other things. Also, the new nike+ stuff for ipod nanos has that same idea.
runnerfajita, Aug 10 2006


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