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A book of proposals.
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I was just in the shower, freshly baked myself I might add.

By baked, for the children in the room, i mean i had just smoked before my shower. by smoke i mean cannabis, and lungs and breath. to breathe, for the dead in the crowd, means to inhale and exhale. to act. you guys... *tear* fail.

I like to write sometimes. I love writing short stories, little creative fictional stories that never grow quite large. I've fantasized of publishing something and making it big hundreds of times. Successful or not, I still write because I like it. I wanted to post my idea here tho before Googling my idea...

A book of proposals. Fiction, all thought up by me.

Different scenarios, short story vignettes all having the same exact plot.

He pops the question.

The characters will all be unique personalities, never a duplicate. The proposals will all be romantic and creative and unique as well, and sometimes won't even be realistic. I have always enjoyed fantasy. I won't resist slipping in there a proposal on the back of a dragon as we soared over the shore of some other world. My mind has been storming for a long time now, brewing with this very content. I myself am in love, very much so and I plan to pop the question ASAP. I'm a true romantic, and never even foresaw being traditional. I didn't think I'd be the type to do the whole ring thing, but alas.

I'll leave the honor of dishing me reality to a fellow baker. I will abstain from Googling this.

aburntoutgenius, May 06 2010

"The Happy Yes" http://www.amazon.c...=1273110101&sr=1-28
"An Anthology of Marriage Proposals Grave and Gay". Intriguing title, but I know almost nothing about this book. [jutta, May 06 2010]

Amy Hempel http://moreview.com...ext.php?text_id=508
I don't know why, but somehow this idea made me think of Amy Hempel. [zen_tom, May 07 2010]

some ideas http://www.associat...propose.html?cat=23
[xandram, May 07 2010]


       Awww. Must be spring. Nice idea for repackaging genre fiction - can you get it written and published by next Valentine's Day? For now, I don't think such a book of fiction by a single author exists, but I've linked to the closet thing I've found - an anthology that, intriguingly, purports to collect "Marriage Proposals Grave and Gay".   

       There are of course gazillions of nonfiction marriage proposal self-help books, and at least two cases - unrelated, apparently! - of illustrators making a special book with a story that ends with a ring box embedded in the book.
jutta, May 06 2010

       You could slip in a real proposal...
DrWorm, May 06 2010


       The ring embedded in the book made me laugh, because I was thinking about how easy it would be, I would wanna carve it into the pages somewhere in the center. But then I thought better... I will definitely bake this for my own sake. I'll be back and post a link to it or something one day...   

aburntoutgenius, May 06 2010

       You won't get it read by a publisher. Write the first 30 pages and send them to an agent (ok, ten agents). I'd be surprised if you didn't get some sort of positive response - it's a nice idea.
wagster, May 06 2010


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