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mountweazel dictionary

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A mountweazel, as everyone knows, is a fake word definition inserted in a dictionary as a copyright trap - i.e. to detect when another dictionary publisher steals word definitions from the dictionary you've written. All dictionaries contain mountweazels.

This idea is for a comprehensive dictionary of mountweazels from all other dictionaries. It will, of course, contain a few real words - i.e non-mountweazel entries, to guard against plagiarism.
hippo, May 18 2017

mountweazel http://www.dictiona.../browse/mountweazel
[hippo, May 18 2017]


       (+) ...and a map of fake towns.   

       Interesting story; they do the same with maps, inserting a fake town or two to be able to prove plagiarism, and in one map a town called Agloe was added to map of the New York area.   

       Sometime later the makers of the map bearing the fake town sued another map maker for inserting it in their map, but it turns out that someone during that time had built a gas station and an Agloe general store based on the original map designation and so for a short time there was an Agloe New York that only existed because of the fake name.   

       Ooh, I like that [2 fries] - deterministic mapping!
hippo, May 18 2017

       Nature imitating art - very philosophical.   

       The OS maps of the UK used to ( in the 1960's and 70's) show AWRE Aldermaston as just a patch of mixed woodland. Presumably this was intended to stop the USSR finding out where it was, although the helpful black-and-red on white road signs put up by Berkshire County Council were (and are) a bit of a giveaway at ground level.   

       No doubt the chaps at the MoD didn't consider that some wandering Soviet citizen might just get off a train at Thatcham and simply ask the nearest taxi driver ...   

       On the plus side, it did manage to baffle visiting Americans, but that's a bit like challenging a penguin to a bicycle race.   

       Is it possible that a map could be produced which lacks any reference to the existance of Swindon ?
8th of 7, May 18 2017

       Many maps are almost entirely devoid of reference to Swindon - e.g. I have a map of Vermont which doesn't mention it once.
hippo, May 18 2017

       Treasure it, and guard it with your life ...   

       Now, a map of Wiltshire which doesn't mention Swindon - that would be beyond price.
8th of 7, May 18 2017

       I like this very, very a lot.
blissmiss, May 18 2017

       I support this idea most bostiferously.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 26 2017


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