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Low Speed Wipers

For when you slow down!
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With normal windshield maintenance one rarely needs to use their windshield wipers on a rainy day while traveling at speed. The problem arises when one slows down to turn or stop then the wind stops blowing the rain off the glass.

I propose a setting for speed sensitive wipers which will turn them on below a certain speed and off again once that speed is reached again.

jhomrighaus, Apr 16 2007


       Please do not drive near me on the highway during a thunderstorm.
Noexit, Apr 16 2007

       Have you ever actually cleaned your windshield properly? You might be surprised how well it works.
jhomrighaus, Apr 16 2007

       Removing the windshield altogether also helps with visibility.
phundug, Apr 16 2007

       I would suggest that the airflow to keep the windshield clear varies greatly with vehicle design. I've never driven a car where it is adequate, but some may.

Ignoring that, speed sensitive wipers that slowed down when you did would be great for those only slightly rainy days where the wipers are fine when you are driving at speed, but start squeaking from insuficient moisture when you slow down or stop.
MechE, Apr 16 2007

       What is your process to clean a windshield properly? I've found that it usually helps, but not enough to the point that windshield wipers aren't needed. Just trying to see if I'm missing something in my process.
Hunter79764, Apr 16 2007

       I like to start with hot soapy water and a good wash mitt. Next I will go over it really good with something like Barkeepers Friend(soft scrub is OK) and just give it a light polish(don't scrub like a crazy man just get the oxidation off) Next I would hot soapy wash again and then clean with something like Windex and dry with newsprint.   

       After that I like to treat with Rain-X.(I also have found that adding about a 1/4 gallon of Rain-Ex snow and Ice washer fluid works really well without the polishing but I don't like using it full strength(it gums up the wipers))   

       After this treatment Regular cleaning with Window cleaner(Windex etc) will help keep it clean. I do the full deal at the beginning and ending of the summer(or when it gets really nasty).   

       You know you have it right when the water beads up on the glass.   

       Note also that the Rain-X is not required to make this work, I just prefer to use it myself as it helps it to stay clean for a longer time. I think the new Turtlewax Ice stuff will also work for this to but I haven't tried it yet.
jhomrighaus, Apr 16 2007

       Bit obsessive about our windshield, are we?
methinksnot, Apr 17 2007

       How about a fan system instead that senses when your speed changes and adjusts airflow across the windshield accordingly. Oh, wait. I see the problem - my idea really blows!
Canuck, Apr 17 2007

       // Bit obsessive about our windshield, are we?//   

       Not really the entire process takes about 5 minutes once every 6 months. and in between it helps keep the windshield much cleaner(bugs come off easier)
jhomrighaus, Apr 17 2007


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