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Lower sea level

Flood some land to reclaim elsewhere
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It occurred, that with rising sea levels, land will be lost. So, in order to reduce the sea level, we should sacrifice unwanted land to save or even reclaim wanted land.

The decision is where to flood...

Holland is an obvious choice as the dykes would hold in the water they are designed to hold out.

France would probably occur to the English as the last time England was invaded, it was by the French.

Antarctica would upset some penguins, but the water might freeze and so not need a dam.

Death valley and the dead sea are feasible, as they are below sea level.

I'm for building the wall around France and turning on the taps...

saedi, Aug 10 2010

World Flood Dams World_20Flood_20Dams
Redundant. We at the bakery saved the earth in 2002. [ldischler, Aug 10 2010]


       // building the wall around France and turning on the taps.. //   

       We'll go with that ...   

8th of 7, Aug 10 2010

       Funny, but no idea here. [-]   

       (But because your profile is so cool: [+])
Wily Peyote, Aug 10 2010

       Apparently water retention is a problem for a large proportion of the female population of the world and not just for Dutch lesbians.
gnomethang, Aug 10 2010

       //the last time England was invaded, it was by the French// I disagree: it was the Americans, in the 1940s. The fact that the Yanks were invited is neither here nor there: the Angles, Saxons, & Jutes were invited too, and for a similar reason.
mouseposture, Aug 10 2010

       Yeah, but when the Americans "invaded", they didn't impose their language, customs, food and rules on the ... okay, yeah, it was an invasion, even if it took 50 years to really get nasty.   

       Sorry about the movies, guys.
baconbrain, Aug 11 2010

       I like the idea of piling up excess water in Antarctica. I am frustrated by the prospect of moving the water there with puny pumps, even if powered by kadabatic winds or volcanoes.
bungston, Aug 11 2010

       I think dredging shallow seas would be easier.
marklar, Aug 11 2010

       //the last time England was invaded, it was by the French// - everyone seems to forget that William III was actually William of Orange, a Dutchman who during the "Glorious Revolution" overthrew King James II and stepped up to the throne. There is suggestion that he was 'invited' to march his armies into England by parliament, but it's probably a similar argument to suggest that (for example) the U.S. Army was 'invited' into Iraq by various interested parties there.   

       The text of the invitation (lifted from Wikipedia - so assume nothing) is a wonderfully around-the-houses way of expressing an invitation to invade - without *actually* saying as much:   

       "We have great reason to believe, we shall be every day in a worse condition than we are, and less able to defend ourselves, and therefore we do earnestly wish we might be so happy as to find a remedy before it be too late for us to contribute to our own deliverance...the people are so generally dissatisfied with the present conduct of the government, in relation to their religion, liberties and properties (all which have been greatly invaded), and they are in such expectation of their prospects being daily worse, that your Highness may be assured, there are nineteen parts of twenty of the people throughout the kingdom, who are desirous of a change; and who, we believe, would willingly contribute to it, if they had such a protection to countenance their rising, as would secure them from being destroyed."   

       To the idea, a better way to lower the sea level would be to lower the sea-bed itself. Digging a big enough hole at the bottom of the sea would effectively free-up more land as the sea swooshed into it - no need to submerge France, which would be a shame really as it's quite a nice place. I'm quite a fan of cheese too.
zen_tom, Aug 11 2010


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