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freezing flood defence

freezer fence for vulnerable buildings on flood plains
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In the floods last year there were a couple of major electricity substations at risk of flooding... what they needed to do was solidify the water... with a freezer perimiter fence! When water gets close switch on the fence freeze the water into a wall of ice thus stopping the water. Obviously it would take a lot of power hence the suggestion is limited to substations and power stations but it would mean the power doesn't go off. Also just think.. more power used = more global warming = more flooding = more sales of super duper water freezing perimeter fences!
sassenach, Aug 11 2008

Pykrete http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pykrete
Modified ice [8th of 7, Aug 11 2008]


       Good link [8th of 7]. I had forgotten about Pykrete…   

       Pykrete is regularly rediscovered by those who get their cotton/wool gloves wet in freezing weather, then lay them down outside to dry. They not only freeze solid (to be expected) but also weld themselves to there resting place. You can break a finger attempting to pry them up (pun intended).
CwP, Aug 12 2008


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