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Umbrella with light underneath allows for security, privacy
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This is an idea for a handheld umbrella with a light fixed underneath and at the top of the stick. The design provides for simultaneous security (from the light) and privacy (from the cover) at night. perhaps the spokes of the umbrella could have little nozzles at their end that connect to a mace canister in the handle for added security. With a press of the button you could mace your entire perimeter with very little warning.
daseva, Jul 20 2009


       Your idea dissuades criminals like a flame dissuades moths.
4whom, Jul 20 2009

       Aye, future dead moths, though.
daseva, Jul 20 2009

       Ah but the Penguin's knockout gas was not mace and it jetted from the tip whereas daseva specifically specified from the spokes.
With the lovely mace mist, a few colored laser pointers and an mp3 handle you've got your own little discobrella.

       Since the name "umbrella" refers to the shade that it provides, wouldn't this be a "parabrella"?   

       Or a true "unbrella"?
coprocephalous, Jul 21 2009


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