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No Privacy Sphere

Nudity farm of information age
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With aLL the debate of privacy now, may be we shall setup a no-privacy sphere where the inhabitants has no privacy at all for scientific socialogical studies. Instead of debating wether violation of privacy will cause break down of society, see if people can live with no privacy at all.
bing, Mar 15 2002


       Baked. Big Brother.
stupop, Mar 15 2002

       No thanks. I already have a no privacy cube.
phoenix, Mar 15 2002

       I think MTV entered that sphere about 10 years ago (Real World). Speaking of which, MTV's latest foray into reality TV - The Osbournes - is a real crazy train, no?
adgirl, Mar 16 2002

       The idea is for the inhabitant to know exactly what the each other are doing therefore act accordingly. I always thought most of moral structure is based on people try not to show something in public. I am just wonder what moral structure will develop if there is nowhere to hide.
bing, Mar 18 2002

       I suspect the Orwell book isn't too far off.
phoenix, Mar 18 2002

       Like all government projects, it's running behind.
StarChaser, Mar 18 2002

       I think you got me all wrong. I have no interest on spying on other people. I just want to do a scientific study.   

       Every society has its own moral and behavior guideline about what a person shall do and what he shall not. I always think this creats a inhuman image of what a person shall be. Everyone tried to live up to that image and measure others according to that image. Because we all tried to behave the same way while in front of others, we think that is the way a person shall act or behave always. That is why people sometimes find behavior of people from other culture background shocking.   

       The purpose of experiment is to break that inhuman image people carries by exposing all activities so one can never pretend to be something else. Maybe we will all behave like animals without these inhuman image to bond us. But maybe something more useful can come out of this experiment. Maybe it will allow us to reexminate our social behavior and have more tolerance.
bing, Mar 18 2002


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