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Luxury apartments for everyone

New model of living that everyone can afford
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Luxury apartments become the standard mode of living. A luxury apartment has the following:

* a gym

* an indoor swimming pool

* communal restaurants

* pod-like rooms with en suite and a bed

* community lounges with stocked food and drinks (a bit like hotel executive lounges)

* private rooms with sofas

* arts and crafts room

* conference rooms

* cinema room

* games room

chronological, Feb 01 2020

And Justice for All https://www.youtube...watch?v=_fKAsvJrFes
[theircompetitor, Feb 01 2020]

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       You missed out the landing strip on the roof for the flying pigs ...
8th of 7, Feb 01 2020

       .... and a tastefully bound copy of the half-bakery help file on the coffee table in the reception room - where guests can browse through it.
pertinax, Feb 01 2020

       Funny thing is, I wrote my opening ellipsis before seeing [8th]'s post, with its closing ellipsis.
pertinax, Feb 01 2020

       We know. We are watching you closely. We have you marked down as "one of them clever 'uns" ... i.e. a troublemaker.
8th of 7, Feb 01 2020

       [marked-for-deletion] blank space is not free
theircompetitor, Feb 01 2020

       Why wouldn't you want to live in a luxury apartment?
chronological, Feb 01 2020

       Earthquakes. In earthquake-prone regions, single-storey dwellings are the safest. Apartments tend to be in tall structures, which even with carefully engineered seismic mitigation can still take substantial damage in a quake.
8th of 7, Feb 01 2020

       //You missed out the landing strip on the roof for the flying pigs ...//   

       ...and the shipping of emergency Mylar thermal blankets to hell.
doctorremulac3, Feb 01 2020

       <adds "ellipsis" to lexicon>   

       Who pays for it?   

       Also, if everyone has it, then it's no longer "luxury".   

       If you can afford a tent, a camp stove, and Ramen noodles, you're doing better than most ancient people.   

       Join a commune if you really want to live communally.
sninctown, Feb 01 2020

       wouldn't it be nice if people read the helpfile?
theircompetitor, Feb 01 2020

       You pay for it out of your salary. Perhaps a percentage or a lump sum.   

       How much would it cost to live in a luxury apartment each month?   

       I want communal restaurants or restaurants to be nearby living places.
chronological, Feb 01 2020

       Umm... boarding schools, hotels, condo's within hotels, army barracks, prisons, The Matrix, Lunar colony,   

       Is this a call for a society-guaranteed minimum accomodation standard ? in the same vein as a guaranteed-income schema.
FlyingToaster, Feb 01 2020

       // If you can afford a tent, a camp stove, and Ramen noodles, you're doing better than most ancient people. //   

       Only if you also can afford a well and a plot of land you won't get kicked off of.
Voice, Feb 01 2020

       // pod-like rooms //   

       You mean, communal living? When each pod gives privacy, the cost of shared utilities like those swimming pools, and so on would become affordable indeed. You just need to explain the idea a bit better - how the luxury becomes affordable for everyone.
Mindey, Feb 01 2020

       //I wonder why this one isn't already [marked-for-deletion] as WIBNI// It is
Voice, Feb 01 2020

       Wait, did you mean the "podlike rooms" with sofas are the only individual living space?
Voice, Feb 01 2020

       Podlike rooms have a bed in them and ensuite.   

       You would have communal kitchens and restaurants for food preparation.   

       I'm imagining a bakery in there too.
chronological, Feb 01 2020

       Not an apartment   

       Not luxurious
pocmloc, Feb 01 2020

       Okay, I see this is actually an idea. Just a terrible one. I'm upgrading my MFD to a bone.
Voice, Feb 01 2020

       That smacks of undeserved generosity... who are you, and what have you done with [Voice] ?   

       You're not fooling anyone, you know.
8th of 7, Feb 01 2020

       You say the sweetest things.
Voice, Feb 01 2020

       We're practicing something called "being nice" to prepare for enticing [pertinax] into our evil clutches.   

       It's not easy. It's very weird and unfamiliar. But as a technique, it may have value, so we're going to stick with it and see what happens - for a short time, anyway.
8th of 7, Feb 01 2020

       So a land planted cruise ship with all it's inherent earthquake proofing. Good for viral transmission.
wjt, Feb 01 2020

       That's not such a bad idea ... you should post it.   

       The system of watertight doors would be perfect for isolating potential cases from the rest of the occupants; seal off the affected section, flood the area with chlorine gas for 96 hours, then send in a robot to check for surviving biocontaminants.
8th of 7, Feb 01 2020

       // You pay for it out of your salary. //   

       No thanks. You can pay for it out of your salary though.
sninctown, Feb 01 2020

       //You pay for it out of your salary.//
That might be fine for the "1%", but for most of us, that wouldn't leave enough for things like food and clothes...
//How much would it cost to live in a luxury apartment each month?//
Too much; which is why most people don't live in luxury apartments.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 02 2020


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