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micro chain mail stay-clean fabric

You've seen chain mail. Just make it tinier than water permeability, and out of silicon nitride or possibly PTFE to give a stronger cleaner fabric
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Shoes that last longer than people would be nice. As would things that do not get dirty. I think it is possible that really micro chain-mail made of something very strong would do both. Links made of silicon nitride, Teflon, or just possibly a fluorinated nylon could possibly do it.
beanangel, Jun 26 2017

Anorak with chain mail under-arm vents http://i220.photobu...Armour/DSCF5268.jpg
[pocmloc, Jun 27 2017]


       Shoes already last longer than people, they just do most of it in landfills. This will only exacerbate that.   

       NOW, if you could come up with some way to make them break down when you were tired of them, THAT would be a different matter.
normzone, Jun 26 2017

       Ooh I like this.
You need to figure out a way for the fabric to only allow water penetration in one direction or some folks won't want to wear their shoes for very long at all.

       You could make each interlocking ring in the shape of a microscopic Tesla conduit that would only wick air and water in a given direction... and once we figure out how to grow these shapes from Fullerene they'll be bomb proof.
Now about those socks... (+)

       People should wear full sized chain mail as an everyday fabric more.
pocmloc, Jun 27 2017

       [2 fries] Man your fast. Just add in a few factual stepping stones, and you'll be invincible.
wjt, Jun 27 2017

       I can see that PTFE will help, but why chain mail? What would be the improvement over a woven PTFE cloth?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 27 2017

       Chain mail is more cool than woven cloth.
pocmloc, Jun 27 2017

       Perhaps cool in the temperature sense of the word, as long as you stay out of the sun and don't move around.   

       I've worn real chain mail exactly once, and I gave it back to it's owner after a very brief period of time. Its very heavy.
normzone, Jun 27 2017

       [mb] PTFE is fairly soft, and chain mail from silicon nitride would be hard, thus more durable. The micro size gives it "drape", the ability to bend a lot when contacting things.
beanangel, Jun 27 2017

       Silicon nitride, as far as I'm aware, is hard but not particularly strong and certainly not tough - it has a work of fracture similar to glass. So, I don't think it would be durable.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 27 2017

       Nice idea, [beanangel]. Your concepts, and your writing in particular, have been somewhat better of late.
Although, perhaps move this to :fashion:material..?
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 27 2017

       Chain mail is more cool than woven cloth. — pocmloc, Jun 27 2017   

       You might have found that to be the case because hairs poking through the links wick away moisture and so cool evaporatively. You must have a lot of hairs for this to work.   

       Or should that be "one must"?
bungston, Jun 28 2017

       The PFTE version of this is really just another way of describing TYVEK and CUBEN fibre fabrics. They're not a chain mail - but rather nonwoven fabric formed through trickery and magic.   

       But they have the properties you're after, which is why they're increasingly used for high performance ultralight outdoor equipment and clothing.
Custardguts, Jun 28 2017

       This is the relentless search for stronger, tougher and lightier materials. How about spider proteins moulded into tiny chainmail links to form a webchain clothes.
wjt, Jun 29 2017


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