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Luxury nail clippers

For the person who has everything.
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I had this idea whilst cutting my finger nails last night, not a task I enjoy particularly. I always end up looking like I tried to claw my way out of a coffin. You could have ten separate casts on each fingernail and have a set of ten clippers made, each one formed to your nail. In one clip you would get a perfectly cut nail and it would take a fraction of the time. This would be a luxury item, monogrammed and served in a presentation box. Marketable to rich gents who wouldn't go to a salon to have a manicure.
Moseph, May 20 2008


       and you operate it... with your feet ?
FlyingToaster, May 20 2008

       These are ten separate nail clippers, not one clipper with ten slots. You operate it in the same way, it's just easier and more efficient.
Moseph, May 20 2008

       ...and with tiny rotating felt pads to buff your nails to a mirror finish.
hippo, May 20 2008

       //I always end up looking like I tried to claw my way out of a coffin.// I suspect your nail scissors are not sharp and rigid enough - I find that most aren't, though there is one Scandinavian brand that works for me. Alternatively, perhaps you actually are undead, and just haven't come to terms with it yet.
pertinax, May 20 2008

       // your nail scissors are not sharp and rigid enough //   

       Or the blades are too thick. Try dissection scissors, pick the right sort and they have long, thin and very sharp blades, and bizarrely are cheaper than "quality" nail scissors. But you might have to buy a pack of 5 from a medical supplies house. Keep a spare pair, the other three are excellent christmas stocking fillers.   

       NB Make sure you put them in the stocking POINT DOWN otherwise the recipient may not be as appreciative of your gift, since it is hard to eat Christmas dinner with one hand bandaged, and when you're stabbed through the palm the blood goes EVERYWHERE.
8th of 7, May 20 2008

       I can see the cases of podiatry involving the super wealthy and multiple ingrown toenails. The wealthy have the time, and the money, to have a professional cut their nails for them. We call this service a "pedicure" and I haven't heard much call to replace this with an expensive semi-automated device of questionable engineering. None the less I expect that such a device will appear on QVC any day now.
WcW, May 20 2008

       // expensive semi-automated device of questionable engineering. //   

8th of 7, May 20 2008

       I'm with [pertinax]. It's alright to be undead.
normzone, May 20 2008

       That's right, being alive isn't everything.
8th of 7, May 20 2008

       This ain't Ghost and I ain't Patrick Swayze.
Moseph, May 20 2008

       <spartacus moment>I'm Patrick Swayze</sm>
hippo, May 21 2008


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