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nail "cards"

instead of carrying cards in your wallet, they are a little chip or mini magnetic strip attatched to one of your nails, so credit cards, id, gym passes, shopper rewards cards, even library cards would be litrally at your fingertips
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With this idea, you'd never have to get out your wallet and fumble for the right card again, just wave your hand in front of the scanner. Instead of cards you would be issued with a chip, barcode, or mini magnetic strip that would be bonded to one of your fingernails, then a clear acrylic overlay would be applied to protect it. With all your cards placed litreally at your fingertips you wouldn't need to carry a wallet except for cash. you wouldn't have to worry about loosing your cards with system either, so it would be great for id and credit cards. It would also be really handy for gym passes so you wouldn't have to try and figure out to carry it when your in your workout clothing. it might be a bit of a problem for people who have more than ten cards in their wallet though, in that case the technology could possibly be miniaturised to fit two chips on each nail or ones that you don't use very often could be placed on toenails. They could also be avalible in different colours and patterns just for some flair too.

Yeah, I know about the nail growth issue, I was just assuming that you would have to get them re-done every month or so.

ModernDivo, Aug 02 2008

(?) Skinthetic competitor http://www.core77.c...kinthetic/main.html
Mentions fingernail implants in passing. [jutta, Aug 02 2008]

See reverse for payment details http://www.sptimes....No_card_Just_.shtml
Perhaps we are looking at the wrong side of the finger... [4whom, Aug 05 2008]

Do it with this A_20staple_20form_20of_20memory
[normzone, Aug 05 2008]


       damn, I just broke a nail!
po, Aug 02 2008

       And if I wanted your credit card info, I just put a scanner in my pocket and stand next to you.
MisterQED, Aug 02 2008

       (-) Did you know that fingernails grow not at the end, like trees, but at the root, like hair?
jutta, Aug 02 2008

       Gone are the days of the wallet theft.. now you just get your fingers chopped off.
kuupuuluu, Aug 02 2008

       [+] I love the idea of using your nails for something other than itching your butt.   

       When your nail grows out, just peel the thing off and stick it back on closer to the quick. A bit of super glue or nail polish (clear for the "men") and all is well.
James Newton, Aug 04 2008

       They should put lab-on-a-chips in your fingernails and then you can pick your nose and know how many calories are in there before commencing mastication-yummy grossness.   

       <random/stereotyping> Picking your nose and eating it is a gross idea, but not as gross as picking your butt and eating it. And nobody thinks twice about all those nasty girls who chew their fingernails, but there's more bacteria there than around the butt locales. Maybe it's just me, but it seems that pretty girls with fake purses who think they have it all figured out usually wind up biting their nails in a feverish attempt to regain gross humanity while smelling like sexy flowers. And they masturbate, they all do. Just like guys and spider monkeys. I knew this one girl who used to do it in her sleep. One time she fell asleep while we were all watching a movie together in the common room. That was quite the spectacle.</r/s>
daseva, Aug 04 2008

       //When your nail grows out, just peel the thing off and stick it back on closer to the quick. A bit of super glue or nail polish (clear for the "men") and all is well.//   

       I think it would have to be under acryllic overlay to protect it, and minimise any chance of it comming off, so you'd probablly have to go to a nail salon to get them re-done, then again if these caught on I'm sure there would be kits for doing them at home
ModernDivo, Aug 04 2008

       Bone, for moving us closer to an ID attached to our bodies.
Voice, Aug 05 2008

       I'd like to carry around a bag of currency-nails, so that when I pay for something, I get to hammer golden nails into the shopkeeper's nail-register.   

       At the end of the day, the shop-keeper uses his claw-hammer to pry out all of the golden nails that he's collected, and puts them in a bag.   

       I'm not sure if this means we'd all have to carry hammers around, probably not - it would be more convenient for the shopkeeper to keep one handy by the till, probably on a piece of chain to stop people accidentally pilfering it.   

       Small copper nails, slightly larger nickel ones, and great golden farrier's nails might allow for a readily comprehendable system of denomination.
zen_tom, Aug 05 2008

       those nails would severely mess up your pockets though, zen.   

       perhaps if the credit runs out on your oyster card, we could purchase a few spare golden oysters...
po, Aug 05 2008

       "Life is like a bowl of oysters. Hard, cold, unattractive, and sooner or later you're going to be REALLY sick......"
8th of 7, Aug 05 2008

       //a few spare golden oysters//
zen_tom, Aug 05 2008

       [zen_tom] - before it was a coin, the Greek obol used to be a metal spike. Hence, "drachma" , meaning "handful" - a coin to the value of one handful (6) of metal spikes, if I remember rightly.
pertinax, Aug 05 2008

       Only if I get to put it on my middle finger.
Noexit, Aug 05 2008

       // Wouldn't a ring be more sensible ? //   

       Apparently, putting all your power into One Ring is inadvisable, as you run the risk that a deranged hobbit might steal it and throw it into a volcano.   

       // readily comprehendable system of denomination. //   

       Come off it [zen_tom], that's just another specious and badly-argued case for Sales Tacks........
8th of 7, Aug 05 2008

       I am quite convinced I said something about Tally-sticks and their possible conversion to striations on the nail plate. But, hey, if you can't pick your nose, pick your friend's nose. Or something like that?
4whom, Aug 05 2008

       "Choking on one's own vomit. Well, who would ever have thought of choking on someone else's ?"
8th of 7, Aug 05 2008

       I know at least two girls with one cup that have done worse/better?
4whom, Aug 05 2008


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